Lions vs. Cowboys Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2018

Lions vs. Cowboys Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Detroit Lions take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 4 of the 2018 NFL season.

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106 Responses

  1. SAUCEOHOLIC says:

    ZEKE is the mvp of this game.

  2. QB The King says:

    Dak proved himself this game but since he a cowboy QB he still going to get hate

    • I’m Dak & I do suck says:

      LuvnAries23 big facts. He’s not a franchise Quarterback point blank. One play to Gallup than to Austin even though that was Austin fault he drop it… now people thinks he’s the goat 🐐🤣🤣. This game was so boring QB wise for Dallas. I was more hyped for Stanford now he was fun to watch. But Zeke and D law for a fact why Cowboys nation was so lit 🔥 and hype with a sprinkle of LVE. At the end of the day I’m drafting a number 1 QB who can win when we struggle not only when everyone else at 100%

    • Tw1 says:

      +Cypriano Way lions are so trash that Brady went for 120 yards and a pick🤔. Your excuse has been neutralized.

    • OgGarcioVega says:

      As a Cowboys fan for over 20 years I call “bullshit!” One game does not prove anything. He needs to be consistent.

  3. Abhi Gundu says:

    I had a joke about the lions, but damn I lost it at the last second.

  4. Bigg B says:

    If Daks receivers could catch it wouldve been a blowout

  5. Yoboi Boy says:

    Zeke with over 230 scrimmage yards. He’s the best running back no doubt. I don’t wanna hear anything about bell, Gurley, Barkley, etc. Zeke is the only one on this offense teams game plan for. He also lead the team in rec yards this game too.

    • Hillbillyspree says:

      When you qb is below average, the running back will get more yards. That is the reason he has more yards, not because he is better.

    • Kashkid Gaming says:

      I still think the best running back is Todd gurley, or David johnson. As a Lions fan, I know that the only reason he went off like that is because we were missing Ziggy,and our interior lineman are very average. Sorry to burst your bubble, but David Johnson is way better then Zeke.

    • Kashkid Gaming says:

      +Zucc Masta I seem to remember that when our offense was on the field, Stafford torched your defense. You know that if the defense was a little better, we’ve would’ve won that game. Good luck rebuilding though.

    • fly man says:

      I mean lions d is a joke

  6. Savage Man 400 says:

    Somewhere in a galaxy far far away skip is celebrating…

  7. Yoboi Boy says:

    Let’s be honest. Zeke will be a Hall of famer when it’s all said and done 💯🤟🏾🔥

  8. Yoboi Boy says:

    Glad to see dak stretch the field this game

  9. Kaneki & Touka C Fan says:

    zeke number 1 wide receiver now

  10. obi njoku says:

    At least we won. Still very skeptical about this Scott linehan offense.

    • Ed Benson says:

      Looks like a dinky Elliot it’s trying to be another Emmitt Smith. I love my Cowboys Die Hard Ride Hard I was Born in Texas, but Emmitt Smith now that was a football player Troy Aikman another great football player. Ezekiel Elliott has a long ways to go anything close to like Emmitt Smith but I’m see you in a little bit of resemblance. Go Cowboys. Keep up the good work. and no more losing especially to the Damn Sea Chickens. 😨😩… Next game Texans I’m a true Texan but they’re going down.

    • Ed Benson says:

      +HighlyOpiated yeah I would agree and disagree with you I kind of think things could get rid of Dirt 2 just like they got rid of Tony Romo. I’ve been saying get ready Garrett four-years-old long way to get rid of Romo

    • Alan Grey says:

      Scott Linehan has been there since we(the Lions) let him go. He was our OC back in 2011 when Matthew had his 5038 yards and 41 TD season, which was his first full season. We had the number 1 pass defense in the NFL thru the first 3 games. We allowed an average of 169 pass yards per game thru week three. We only gave up 122 yards to Tom Brady last week. For you guys to have the day you did should be a testament to how good Scott Linehans passing offense is.

  11. Legod is the best ever Some Legends gots no rings says:

    Zeke best RB in the NFL period.

  12. Alexander Carter says:

    That means Cowboys>patriots

  13. omar khan says:

    Where’s Scott linehan and what have you done to him Jerry?

  14. Adrian Gonzalez says:

    Best RB in the game. No debating.

  15. Chris Curtis says:

    Zeke> Any other RB

  16. Alfredo Munoz says:

    I’m an Eagles Fan… But Zeke is The Best RB in The League… Feed Him

    • Joshua Holley says:

      KingSoap88 88 Todd gurley has other weapons that defense game plan for zeke is the only player that defense game plan for take that hate somewhere else

    • Tw1 says:

      Eyy a respectful Eagles fan.👍 I really hate but have to respect what your QB is doing over there. May one day be the best in the league.

    • Alfredo Munoz says:

      +Tw1 go get that 6th ring Cowboys… Your Fans Deserve It. 👍

    • Tw1 says:

      +Alfredo Munoz congrats on your ring btw. I think the Cowboys and Eagles will be the only competitive team out of our division for the next few years. Well, as long as Dak and Zeke play like this and not like they did vs the Seahawks.

    • Alfredo Munoz says:

      +Tw1 your Defense is young and crazy Good.

  17. Kevin Arreola says:

    We’re finally seeing the Byron jones become elite in the league

  18. obi njoku says:

    Damn. It’s crazy how good the lions receivers are. Some of those catches were just amazing, would love to have one of those receivers on the cowboys.

  19. Jeremiah Juarez says:

    this is what happens when you feed zeke

  20. Christopher Chedid says:

    Skip: ZEKE the best running back of all time

    Shannon: SKIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Joey Noyes says:

      skip: The cowboys are going to the super bowl!

      Shannon: cowboys aint goin to no THOOPA BOW!

    • JGH _ says:

      banana monkey and Emmit Smith

    • Untameable Success King says:


    • Michael Mayfield says:

      Shannon you need to stop running the cowboys down you don’t have anything good to say I think the dew has effected your mind what you got to say Monday you need to listen to skip when it comes to a real cowboy fan like I’m am true fan so you don’t have nothing good to say about the cowboys just don’t say anything thank you I will be listening to u tub

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