Lip Sync Battle with Ellen DeGeneres

Lip Sync Battle with Ellen DeGeneres

Jimmy faces off with Ellen DeGeneres in a dramatic lip sync-off to songs like Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” and Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.”

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Lip Sync Battle with Ellen DeGeneres

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20 Responses

  1. hippiehill1 says:

    i see ellen in a whole different light now

  2. jbabs10 says:

    Jimmy totally won that!!!!

  3. WildFireAndIce says:

    I love Ellen but I thought it was hands down jimmy

  4. Hunnie B says:

    Jimmy and Ellen rock !

  5. Karime18 says:

    Omgosh!! This was so awesome!! Lol. 

  6. Mikhail Angelique says:


  7. Kyler Smith says:

    OMG YASSSSS the most childish star in America has now done the whip and the
    nae-nae… This should be in history books.

  8. 1eastmandem1 says:

    I’m I the only one that’s pissed off after Ellen won?! Jimmy clearly killed
    it on his second song?!

  9. flower 388 says:

    The first song sounds like Ellen’s actual singing voice

  10. Vanessa Montalvo says:

    loved Jimmy’s nae nae💃

  11. Steve Holmgren says:

    Omfg is this real?!

  12. Nadia Nads says:

    I think my baby ( JT) was already gone with tequila. Lol!

  13. Josh Gómez says:

    ellen is extremely beautiful ;-)

  14. Sofia Paulsen says:


  15. julia thorne says:

    jim dawg is hotter than ever…Ellen is always entertaining.

  16. T Marie (Itsmelilt) says:

    to funny

  17. Matt Denson says:

    ellen wins for sure

  18. Mike Vega says:

    you tube super single hydraulic rig

  19. CousinBlake says:

    that whip was terrible

  20. Blaine Edwards says:

    Now watch me whip now watch nae nae