Lip Sync Battle with Melissa McCarthy

Lip Sync Battle with Melissa McCarthy

Jimmy faces off with Melissa McCarthy in a hilarious lip sync-off to songs like ZAYN’s “Pillowtalk” and “Colors of the Wind” from Disney’s Pocahontas.

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Lip Sync Battle with Melissa McCarthy

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20 Responses

  1. Michelle Rodriguez says:


  2. Anish Pokharel says:

    No one expected the End to be this Awes0me
    Mellissa is Just Legen…..Waittforit…..Dary

  3. Pokemontas says:

    Colors of the Wind my favourite song!!

  4. jordan devine says:

    God dammit I want to watch deadpool now

  5. Heidi Anne Morris says:

    Well done with the Otter catch Melissa! 🙂 Thank you for the laughter ♥

  6. Isabella Brand says:

    And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason why she is one of the most
    amazing actresses of our time!

  7. Sadie Presley says:

    Its this is gospel all over again!

  8. Glaire 1D says:

    “Love you Zayn” -Jimmy

  9. basketfreak023 says:

    jimmy still as hell with that fake laugh even when we cant hear
    him and he’s on the sidelines..smh

  10. Pjunnisaq Sulman says:

    The best lipsync battle thus far!!

  11. Ariana Gene says:

    this is fucking legendary lol

  12. Raman Sanjayan says:

    Jimmy acts surprised when the confetti and shiznit starts going off but
    everyone knows that he really knew what was going down

  13. PiazzaGurl says:

    She Killed It!!!!!!!!!! Now someone has to beat her. Omg, if she were on
    LSB she’d knock out Channing and Jenna’s performance. If she went all out
    for a 2 minute segment, imagine giving her more time. Melissa that was very
    creative. Ahahahaha!!

  14. Casey Howard says:

    The last one made me laugh so hard!!!!!

  15. D Leo says:

    LMAO she cant even do it right, She is all off on every word. Bitch please!

  16. fershemae panag says:

    This is the best so far. She’s so witty! Lmao ?????

  17. WTF alex says:

    7:28 You after making love with a unicorn

  18. Vivek Mathai says:

    Melissa was thug before being thug became cool XD

  19. Megan07 says:

    Amazing just simple amazing

  20. neiv10 says:

    Can they explain to the guest that they should actually lip-sync?!