Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower

I made a freeze ray! Im basically a bonafide evil genius now. Freeze your cat, girlfriend, or flowers, the possibilities are endless..! wait no, thats about it. PS before Jeopardy thinks about suing me for using their music, remember who has the freeze ray now! Kevin: 1 – Alex: 0
Some notes about the gun:
There are commercial liquid nitrogen guns used by dermatologists to freeze warts and skin cancer off. The guy that sells me liquid nitrogen was telling me about them. he says they have a pressure release valve that keeps the pressure at around 70psi. The problem is its hard to make a thermos thats also pressure rated because you have a pressure on the inside of the flask, then a vacuum directly on the other side. They are fragile and expensive. I tried to put a nichrome heating element inside the thermos to increase pressure, but it ended up not working that great. shaking the thermos made way more pressure!

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20 Responses

  1. drew barbee says:

    seems like it would be the removal of oxygen not how cold it is that puts
    the fire out.

  2. Hazard Savage says:

    Dragon Ball Z.

  3. Ali Mashhour says:


  4. Samar Sunkaria says:

    How can this not remind anyone of Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort duel?????

  5. What Will Happen If? says:

    That was awesome. You are great.
    Love your new invention.

  6. elon 1 says:


    Canadian trees are to polite to burn.

  7. Phantom_Guy886 says:

    can u make a video to how to make freeze ray

  8. Kylo Ren Fanboy playz. says:

    90F in Miami Xd

  9. Nero 1459 says:

    Well, Sub-Zero win

  10. Angry Bee says:

    Hey, I saw that Vape Naysh sign! //

  11. MrWeAllAreOne says:

    Balloons filled with liquid nitrogen and thrown at you girlfriend. Maybe
    she’d shatter like in Terminator(2?)
    Possibly not a great idea lol.

  12. 名無 says:


  13. Lars te Nijenhuis says:

    Is it just me, or does he sound like Ray Romano?

  14. Antonio Sturdivant says:

    not fair fire didn’t have motion retest?

  15. Thanis Murugathas says:


  16. WDTNB says:


  17. j2323j says:


  18. Eric Albany says:

    Welding torch vs liquid nitrogen dispenser?

  19. Fuzion Insanity Gaming says:

    If LN is stronger than fire, then Gru’s freeze ray should’ve beaten Lucy’s

  20. Suleman Mulla says:

    Captain Cold vs. Heatwave