Lisa Marie Presley Talks Elvis, Her Marriage To Michael Jackson | Letterman

Lisa Marie Presley Talks Elvis, Her Marriage To Michael Jackson | Letterman

Lisa also performs a song from her album, “To Whom It May Concern.”
(From “Late Show,” air date: 4/9/03)

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29 Responses

  1. Dee Eliades says:

    As a young woman she strongly resembled her father, she certainly possessed his mannerisms and expressions. She had the dreamy Presley eyes. May she Rest In Peace.

  2. TMC says:

    She did not do it quietly, but she did it passionately honestly and gracefully. Rest in peace – thank you for sharing your family with us XX

  3. Chef Jeff says:

    very talented, and seemed like an exceptional mother – so much tragedy in her life, may she now rest in peace ❤

  4. movingonandup says:

    She had a pretty solid singing voice, especially for someone who didn’t totally dedicate herself to music and singing. If she pursued it a bit harder, she may have made it pretty big. Poor woman. May she rest in peace.

  5. Anna Key says:

    What a super cool chick. Rest in paradise Lisa. Heartbreaking stuff, prayers up for her mum and kids.

  6. PFCD says:

    They say that Elvis was incredibly witty so obviously she got that from him! Such a sad day but nice to see clips like this to celebrate the life she did live. RIP LISA…❤

  7. Mr Jeff says:

    When I was 21, I actually saw Lisa. She’s just a couple years older than me. I just remember how stunning she was back then. I’m sad to hear the news.

    • Colleen Bird says:

      I knew Lisa Marie’s first husband Danny and when they were dating a friend and I picked them up at the airport. She was beautiful and looked so much like her dad. It is absolutely heartbreaking that she passed. She was an incredible person. I think she died of a broken heart from losing her son.

  8. Cally G says:

    RIP Lisa Marie Presley. So sad for her family….they must be devastated and beyond shocked. She looks so much like her father here. 💞

  9. Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT says:

    This is really tragic. Lisa seemed like a good soul. I’m sure she woke today having no clue today would be her last day with her family on this Earth. 😭😢🙏❤️

    • Icy MMD says:

      She didn’t look like she was feeling good at the golden globes. For people to say she looked medicated is rude. She always had her Dads eyes that are kinda hooded. She may of been sick because she was extremely pale. Maybe she was on anxiety or antidepressant do to the lose of her son. But to assume she was using again is disrespectful. Maybe she was maybe not. I wonder if she got the vaccine many young people having heart problems. That football player just had a heartache and who knows about everyday people that don’t get on the news. I feel so bad for her kids and her mom. 💛

  10. KlassyKat45 says:

    Shocked and saddened about her sudden passing RIP Lisa Marie.

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