Lite-Brite Logo Challenge – Ten Minute Power Hour

Lite-Brite Logo Challenge – Ten Minute Power Hour

A simple challenge involving the magic of color lights devolves into a freeform nightmare of corporate logos and limited color choices.


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Dir/shot/edit by Tucker ►

Produced by Boruff ►
Assistant Produced by Allie ►

Edited by Ben/Tucker ►

Music from Stevia Sphere ►

Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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58 Responses

  1. Daedric Dark Knight says:

    *holds up Spotify logo*

    Me: If he doesn’t say Spoofy…!!

    • Liz Ayelet says:

      Daedric Dark Knight I haven’t watch it yet but I will be extremely disappointed if he didn’t say it. Any time I hear someone say spotify my brain goes “oh you mean the spoofy”. It would be a crime if he didn’t continue the trend.

    • Daedric Dark Knight says:

      Liz Ayelet I don’t even wanna hear them say the word Spotify on any of their channels. It’s a Grump sin!

  2. Robert Perlaky says:

    Dan: Creating the Domino’s logo
    Arin: Guesses it’s American Express
    Also Arin: Quotes the Capital One motto

  3. jacko attacko says:

    “why can’t u just say ‘I love you’ why do you make me jump through hoops”


    “… thanks for joining us on the ten minute power hour”

  4. GasMaster says:

    Arin just made 43 Veterans salute their screens…and a Billion more cry.
    That’s a real American right there.

  5. Jack Dog says:

    Dude you guys are totally just ripping off the game grumps now. Not cool.

  6. Dumbdumbpop33 says:

    I was drinking water, a fool I was. “They’re after me….”

  7. CocoPops Plays! says:

    You guys should do a scavenger hunt around the office!

  8. ShemyDjent says:

    “I really wanted the drink in me.” Arin I love you.

  9. antasmeme says:

    Pornhub title for this episode:
    Weird Al clone pegs slim thicc man with a Lite Brite

  10. I'm Very Angry It's Not Butter!! says:

    “They’re always after me, period.”
          — Craig the Leprechaun, 2019

  11. Vincent Turnese says:

    Man, This channel rocks! 20 times better than those game grumps guys! They suck!

  12. Hailey Stalnaker says:

    dan: Theres a warrent out for my arrest
    Me: *Sits at computer for 5 seconds*
    *5 seconds later*
    Me: Heh

  13. MagzyPoo says:

    Can we get Dan to sing “I Want It That Way” for the next cover album?!

    • Daedric Dark Knight says:

      MagzyPoo Dan has stated before that TWRP and Brian are only willing to do covers of songs that came before 1990.

      Disappointed as well, but eh. Could be worse.

  14. Jacob Coffey says:


  15. StarlitGlitch says:

    I can’t believe Dan would disrespect Franklin like this.

    Jk it was after his time I think.

    • a1rh3add says:

      Same here. Myy son watched it. When my wife was suprised he didnt know who he was I told her “well I didnt know either untill he described him.”

  16. Caso Laso says:

    Dan: “There’s not a show called ‘Franklin the Turtle.'”
    Arin and all 90’s kids: *There is a show for Franklin the Turtle!*

  17. Jeremy says:

    10 minute power hour idea:
    Play 3 seconds of a song and they have to guess what it is

  18. Watts The Safeword says:

    Ah yes. The Nertionul Antherrrrm. Thank you Arin for that beautiful song

  19. Fabio Suave 狼 says:

    Dan: Why can’t you just say I love you? Why do you have to make me jump through hoops?
    This is my favorite YouTube couple.

  20. Astranomicall says:

    Whoever stopped the lil quote bouncing before it could hit the corner: I hate you

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