Literally Hitler

Literally Hitler

In which John discusses the quality of political discourse in U.S. politics, the practice of reductio ad Hitlerum, and what’s wrong with making politics more about insults than policy.

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20 Responses

  1. Sydd Linden says:

    Awesome video, John.
    I have to say though, Trump and Cruz are genuinely scary to think about
    being Head of State. Trump IS terrifying, whether he means what he’s saying
    or not, and Cruz seems to genuinely want to take away our reproductive
    rights, etc, etc.
    I’m really, really, sad we most likely won’t get a Kasich v. Sanders
    general election run. 🙁 No love for the Down-to-Earthers. Bummer.

  2. Joseph Hutzulak says:

    Wonder if we are going to see a video on the Candidates foreign policy, or
    no because thats not a strong area for the Democratic candidates? Im going
    to go with a no.

  3. N7 Trekkie says:

    Thank You for a breath of rationality.

  4. Shouting noises says:

    John Green is literally Hitler
    >They’ve both written books
    >They both are human men
    >They both have rockin’ facial hair
    Prove me wrong (spoiler: you can’t)

  5. jortikka a says:

    Could you make a video about other candidates? I’m not form the US and
    don’t know any other of your political parties than Democrats and

  6. cryingtimes |-/ says:

    Thank you, John. You always seem to articulate and put logic to what’s on
    my mind at the perfect times.

  7. Julia B says:

    We love you, but not loving the beard<3 -Julia & Zoe

  8. TashaElizabeth says:

    Does this mean I should stop implying that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer?
    It does, doesn’t it? Well…okay…

  9. Frank Davis says:

    Looking at candidates tax plans is probably a waste of time. The history of
    tax law in the US makes massive changes unlikely.

  10. Douglas Rau says:

    I hope John posts that video early in the day. That’s a Super Tuesday. A
    lot of people (myself included) headed to the polls that day.

  11. Tom Waterworth says:


  12. Missy MrsMom says:

    John green for president!

  13. Aziz Bulku says:

    Dude. Why dont you run for president?

  14. Joseph L. Selby says:

    I’ve had this conversation with friends because the focus on Hitler (and
    thus the dismissal of any comparisons to him) is on the Holocaust. But
    Hitler didn’t exist in the vacuum of that atrocity. Regardless of the
    social issues you cite, the political system can draw comparisons to the
    fractured ineffectiveness of 1920s Germany. And it was in that decade where
    Hitler first planted his roots and where comparisons can be made to events
    in our country today.

  15. Emmia Silk says:

    I like the beard. The superstition behind it is stupid, since your facial
    coverage has little effect on how well a football team does in any given
    game, but at least it brought out an awesome beard.

  16. Hasin Khan says:

    You are a good man.

  17. KMeye Makeup says:

    I could listen to John talk allllllllllll daaaaaayyyyyyy.

  18. Josh “Engineer Engifar” Gundersonia says:

    Same thing here in Britain; people often harken back to a golden age here
    in Britain however many decades back when:
    * Pretty much all forms of violent crime were noticably more common.
    * The public discourse on immigration was very openly racist.
    * Women didn’t have many social opportunities.
    * Dying from some kind of health condition was way more likely.
    * Smoking and binge drinking were considerably more common.
    * Communication technology was way more limited.
    * Gay and trans people lived lives full of erasure, self-hatred, violence,
    and depending on the time and which constituent UK country in question,
    legal consequences.
    * Neuro-atypicals (like me) were thrown in asylums for the insane.
    * Having to endure decades of IRA terrorism.
    * Or, you know, being a FUCKING EMPIRE – which did many morally repugnant

    But no, a bunch of privileged, Daily Mail reading bastards have to live
    next door to a Romanian family and share a political union with other
    countries, so clearly Britain’s “lost its way”.

  19. Tosh Omni says:

    It doesn’t matter what candidates say their tax plans are because they
    always drastically change their positions when they get into office. The
    main reason people like Trump is because he’s not like standard politicians
    with their expertly coached political doublespeak which sounds like they
    are saying something but in reality is meaningless.

  20. Bellatrix van Detta says:

    I find it so strange that American politicians always insult each other
    (even if they are in the same party?!). Of course they criticise each
    other, but calling each other rats & hypocrits isn’t really a constructive
    dialogue… I think I wouldn’t want to vote for someone who insults others.
    I would want to vote for someone who is willing to cooperate with other
    people & parties. The Belgian political system is fucked up as well, but on
    another level.