Little Boy Trying To Break Board In Taekwondo

Little Boy Trying To Break Board In Taekwondo

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20 Responses

  1. Redtsunami7 says:

    The born of a fighter.

  2. Matthew “Dragonboi” Dale says:


  3. Matthew “Dragonboi” Dale says:

    Six didn’t mean that I meant so cute

  4. Keith Sears says:

    This is pretty funny lol

  5. Sonic gaming 2211 says:

    Future black belt

  6. a-young-soul says:

    so cute

  7. JabberingJahaad says:

    Ha, I remember when I broke my board. The fear of breaking my hand if I
    didn’t hit it hard enough was the drive for me to actually break it. But
    afterwards the feeling of accomplishment flows through you, and going
    forward whenever I would be put to the task it would be like breaking

  8. TodayILearned says:

    Just wait. That could be the next bruce lee

  9. Adam Waszkiewicz says:

    GG, he’s a white belt, obviously the highest belt in TaeKwonDo…

  10. Muay Bull says:


  11. Priscilla Chum says:

    Lol Its So Funny I Let Everyone In my Family Watch It

  12. Artem Smir says:


  13. Xgamer552 says:


  14. Recon Snowman says:

    Ryu HIYA-busa

  15. 정민재 says:


  16. Don Chong says:

    This kid reminds me of “Ninja the Wonder Boy”.

  17. Ahmed Isam says:

    If you dislike this video in 2025…
    This kid will beat the shit out of you :D

  18. Daniel Agaronov says:

    if u look close to the board u can see theres a line right in the middle
    all the karate teachers do is cut it in two and use some glue to hold it
    together lol

  19. TheManGLittles says:

    Are you serious?….. A million views?

  20. Kha Lee says:

    0:25-0:38 best part.