Little Girl Goes Berserk After Panthers’ Jonathan Stewart Hands Her a Football

Little Girl Goes Berserk After Panthers’ Jonathan Stewart Hands Her a Football

West Coast teams almost always suck when they travel three time zones east, so it shouldn’t really be a surprise that Seattle’s off to a terrible start against a 15-1 Carolina team today. During the opening drive (around 10 A.M. Seattle time) the Seahawks spotted the Panthers an easy touchdown. Afterward running back Jonathan Stewart did what the team has done all season and gave the ball to a little kid, causing her to go bananas.

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20 Responses

  1. Benjamin Patterson says:

    that was berserk????

    go to a mosh pit

  2. ᴘᴀʟᴍᴛʀᴇᴇs says:

    Tyga gona hit her up

  3. Olivia Grant says:


  4. Chief Keef says:

    The Tyga comments got me weak ??

  5. BrandinCooks #BranDeezy#10Hunnit says:


  6. Abstract Luc says:


  7. Allan Perez says:


  8. Lamont Norman says:

    Keep Pounding

  9. MsHondas1 says:

    Tyga be like a Stewart tell her I I said wats up

  10. Surf board says:

    white quarterback= gives to white girl
    black quarterback=gives to black girl

  11. Steve Urkel says:

    That’s very touching! If I was a pro football player every td I’d make I
    would just throw it in the stands not only for the children but for anyone?

  12. mill101 says:

    Way too much of the Complex guy.
    Just show us the Panthers man.

  13. Joshua Estrada says:

    lmao all the shit you post isn’t news

  14. Joshua Estrada says:

    speedy annoying as fuck

  15. Jamie Davis says:

    Hey, yo! Phenomenam! broken useful What’s your opinion abouw 1!

  16. Phillip Morris says:

    Seabitch fan tears tasted good yesterday

  17. Eduardo Castillo says:

    Wtf is this ? ??

  18. isaac x says:


  19. Rare Psycotic says:


  20. 18billions says: