Little Interviews – Rory McIlroy

Little Interviews – Rory McIlroy

European Tour’s Billy is back with his biggest little interview yet. Find out what happened when Billy met Rory McIlroy at Jumeriah Golf Estates in Dubai with his cheekiest interview ever.


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19 Responses

  1. jpracingph says:

    That was utterly, utterly BRILLIANT!

  2. Lisa Henderson says:

    billy you’re very cheeky see you soon xxxx

  3. Harry Webster says:

    top class banter

  4. Petr Hrubý says:

    Perfect, more of this??

  5. Philip V says:

    didn’t laugh like this all month long!

  6. Bhargav S says:

    Brilliant video. No tomfoolery

  7. A Boy & His Golf says:

    This is brilliant.

  8. Shane Connor says:

    Billy is some savage

  9. Glenn Smith says:

    Love these series of interviews

  10. Brendan Rogers says:

    The jokes in this segment are top notch, getting grilled by a 9 year old I
    just love it!

  11. Woden of the Angles says:

    If the tee-times he saw were in EST but he was in CST – would he not have
    been an hour EARLY and not an hour late…?

  12. Jonathan Lai says:

    anybody know the soundtrack @ 3:44?

  13. Corey Brown says:

    This kid is hilarious

  14. Waydog34 says:

    I want to see him interview Tiger.

  15. Imanoff says:

    Great interview! This is the reason why I’m following European tour.

  16. DavidD says:


  17. Colossus One says:

    think hes wearing blackcats under those robes?

  18. UN Owen says:

    Why the fuck is that child dressed like a Muslim Antagonist? Where the fuck
    is Chris Kyle when you need ’em?

  19. Michellemabelle Obamalamashoeshine says:

    This eerily reminds me of Athena and those boy-lovers.