Little progress made in freeing massive ship stuck in Suez Canal

Little progress made in freeing massive ship stuck in Suez Canal

The Ever Given, the massive ship stuck in the Suez Canal, is still not freed and may not be for weeks even as crews work around the clock to free it. Elizabeth Palmer has more.

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44 Responses

  1. Blake Greene says:

    So many odd occurrences in the world right now.

    • True Jew says:

      Rich don’t eat the poor because they have to.

    • Pvt. GamingGummyBear says:

      @Eddie B
      You need better jokes my guy. You already said that someone else’s IQ isn’t high either. Creativity is a sign of intelligence y’know

    • Laurie Norton says:

      @unbroken1010 just because I am bold and mean what I say, will not back down is not the definition of disrespectful. It is confidence in who I am in Christ Jesus. When you truly know who you are, you will understand.

    • Mostly Peaceful says:

      @Nand0_2 she’s involved in human trafficking as well as many other high profile people. What happens when a blockade is dismantled and removed?

    • Ultimatum Tech says:

      @Mostly Peaceful nah, thats not what I’m gonna do

  2. John Smithe says:

    This will be hilarious until I find out it’s holding up my Amazon orders.

  3. Tom F says:

    I need to start eating healthier, more fiber. For some reason, that is what the image makes me think of.

    • fartysweatpantsgamer says:

      for some reason you made me think of an ornary fat 8 year old kid. Who just stands in the doorway and won’t get out of the way.

    • Local Liquid Crypto says:

      Right…. we need to start asking instead of where do you get your protein??? Where do you get your fiiiiiiberrrr?????

    • Master Stacker says:

      I see what you did there. LOL

  4. Argenteus Eagle says:

    *”Hey step-cargoship, I’m stuck”*

    • Brain Dead Wolf says:

      Best comment I’ve ever seen

    • dc250ful says:


    • JLS says:

      They need another ship to go behind it and start tugging on it. That wont work but it’s an important part of the process. Then theyll have to strip it of any exterior layers and ram it forward real hard over and over with it’s big deck. Eventually it’ll get freed up but they’ll probably keep ramming anyway. Make sure they have some napkins near by to clean up any spillage.

      -Captain Stabin’

  5. Malinda Allen says:

    Yeah, that “weekend” fix never sounded even remotely accurate.

  6. thenerdnetwork says:

    That is arguably the highest number of microphones I have ever seen in front of 1 person.

  7. byhi3 says:

    random company: “hey we can get it loose by tomorrow”
    news companies: “no we will pay you not to so we can get at least another weeks worth of news out of this”

    • Marko Reaper says:

      I know you meant this as a joke but i’m sure it’s not that easy.

    • Ex Tempetus says:

      Are you really that dumb to not know the difference between a joke, sarcasm, and being serious…@Rob Adair

    • Joe Staley says:

      Yes. It’s the Media and Immigrants fault you are barely above the poverty line!

    • byhi3 says:

      @Rob Adair why wanna start a club or something?

    • PRS of Central Illinois says:

      Random company???? 🤔 Don’t you know Evergreen is owned by the Clintons??? I would bet my life that if they opened those containers, there would be children in them!!! Do some damn research!!! This isn’t about money, it’s about rescuing those children!!! Open your eyes for God’s sake!!!!!

  8. MP197742 says:

    For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about that scene where Austin Powers tries to turn his cart around inside the narrow hallway.

  9. Rostin Rostai says:

    I heard the ship has more microphones for press conferences.

  10. Twitter Posts says:

    “Why don’t we just take the town and move it somewhere else?” – Patrick Star

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