LIVE Cocoa Beach Hurricane Matthew

LIVE Cocoa Beach Hurricane Matthew

Live video from mobile stringers in Cocoa Beach FL as Hurricane Matthew draws near. This two camera stream will be going up and down during the event. We can’t guarantee if/when we can be up, but this is the stream we will use when we do. Use two camera controls at lower right of video to switch.
Copyright 2016 Storm Chasing Video.
*** No Third Party Use w/o License ***

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20 Responses

  1. Yulissa Rojas says:


  2. Yulissa Rojas says:

    🙂 D:

  3. jptime39 says:

    looks like you could use a orgonite pyramid from me. help calm the weather.

  4. sweetiepiemanni wilson says:

    up eei e imji9

  5. Jack Fontaine says:

    Where’s the goat?

  6. BoDiggety says:

    What you need is a HUD display of stats like Wind Speed, Direction,
    Precipitation, Compass Heading, etc. right on the vid. That would be even
    more helpful to anyone watching, and pretty futuristic too. You’re doing
    great work man! Stay safe out there.

  7. Melissa Ibarra says:

    bro you do knoe the whole floor is wet.

  8. jamie mckenzie says:

    tasty waves

  9. Robert Smith says:

    Click it or Ticket. The seat belt warning beeping every 10 seconds is

  10. Mike Collins says:

    It’s not that bad.

  11. Justin Carter says:

    Wow, can’t believe how dark it is

  12. Henry Martinez says:

    i think i see a clown

  13. s Contreras says:

    Shut the windshield wipers off dude, its annoying. You’re not even driving
    for fucks sake.

  14. Kyle Starr says:

    this hurricane looks like the purge kill who u want

  15. James Burgess says:

    This must be fake, according to Fox news, you’re dead…. and your children
    and everyone you love, too. Dead

  16. akush55 says:

    FL dot camera show 100 vehicle return to east coast

  17. TheDax714 says:

    lol just got here and I hear “Alright we are shutting the stream off! Thank
    you for watching”

  18. Joe T says:

    Drudge was right again.

  19. Manish Kumar Singh says:

    This is God’s punishment for killing Harambe

  20. lightdark00 says:

    Doesn’t Florida have a rule to drive on the right, except when passing on
    two lane one way roads?