Live coverage of George Floyd protests in Sacramento

Live coverage of George Floyd protests in Sacramento

Sacramento Bee journalists continue to cover the fallout from the Minneapolis, Minn. police killing of George Floyd.


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37 Responses

  1. chickenchoker 69 says:

    stream is bugging out

  2. mich sles says:

    open fire!

  3. Thorazine 007 says:

    Maybe the young looters took the night off?

  4. Goldenz Dancer says:

    Sacramento Police are unruly

  5. Jary Benitez says:

    No c inglés alguien que traduzca todo :v

  6. Michael DeSilvio says:

    I don’t give a crap about pornogeorge.

  7. Thorazine 007 says:

    small list of other races & victims of Police Brutality: Daniel Shavers executed in hotel hallway, Botham Jean shot Dead, Daniel Harris deaf man killed routine stop, Justine Diamond called police about a possible assault shot dead, Margarita Brooks cop missed dog shot dead, Kelly Thomas homeless man beaten to death, Zachary Hammond 6 yr old autistic child shot dead, James King, beaten on college campus went to trial, innocent, Jeremy Mardis, Deven Guilford 17yr old traffic stop shot dead, Isiah Golding teenager running shot dead, Bryce Masters 17 brain damage cop stungun, Jason E Washington conceal permit shot dead, Michael Ramos shot dead, Francisco Serna unarmed 73 suffering from dementia shot dead, Miguel Feliz innocent man on fire beaten, Claudia Gomez shot dead, Antoni Montes unarmed Mexican Farm Worker shot dead, Andrew Finch innocent shot dead, Jacob Servin beat by police cuffed in cell, George Gomez Beaten by 2 cops, Beau Bangert beaten in his cell, Tiffany McNeil handcuffed slam to concrete by Cops… and the list goes on and on..

    • Barbs FPV says:

      Thorazine 007 as of tonight nobody cares anymore. You can shove those names up your chocolate whizzway.

    • j Joe says:

      @Barbs FPV millions of people still care. Don’t let the 15 percent of violent protesters that actually has links to both White Supremacist groups and Radical Left groups. Don’t be so ignorant.

    • {{{{Ké SiNGS}}}} says:

      @Barbs FPV No one loves you.

    • Linus Sphinx says:

      Never forget, thanks.

    • Gus Klimt says:

      @j Joe What”s that “white supremacist group?”have a link? I hope it”s not adl they can”t be trusted..

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    You got a new sub! 1EYC

  9. Udderate Madness says:


  10. Hillary says:

    loved it

  11. The Not Sure Channel says:

    the thumbnail said live… where is the live coverage? unless I just missed it.

  12. Blaide says:

    loved it

  13. ahmed khan says:

    They are only following in the footsteps of their own government, American Government & Policy has a history of looting countries and people, even though the rioters have not done good a job nevertheless they should be proud of them. ameriKKKa is reaping what it sows

  14. MICHELLE JONES says:

    Why did Cesar Chavez park get vandalized? People don’t deface the monument of a great man while protesting another. Sad 😞 The man protested with hunger strikes and marches not looting and destroying

    • Bash Latu says:

      MICHELLE JONES I hear you that definitely doesn’t make sense. If the people who did that were educated they would know who he is than maybe if they had enough self respect they wouldn’t deface something that represents a man whose life and now, his name stands for equality and justice. Smh bunch of young ignorant kids who have been stuck inside their homes too long.

    • Austin Britt says:

      The French Revolutionist Defaced 3 Cathedrals To Get Their Rights And Fair Treatment. Look Where We Are Now Same Situation. Maybe This Time We Will Learn From Our Mistakes.

    • Linus Sphinx says:

      Sad. Cesar deserves a lot better.

  15. Adrian says:

    Banned.Video < Because there is a war on for your mind!

  16. Bash Latu says:

    Im from Sacramento born n raised. Three men were murdered not only within weeks but within 1.5 miles of each other. Ain’t nobody marching out there. Ain’t nobody speaking up for the victims of those murders! Im not saying ppl shouldn’t be angry but if blk lives matter why nobody marching down Meadowview for the brothas who got knocked this past month? Why they not out here marching and speaking out against the ppl peddling drugs and doing drugs in the blk community? Why those ppl dont boycott the radio stations that continue to play artists that continuously promote murder, degrading women, alcohol, and drug use, violence and hatred? The same type of garbage pollutes young minds, destroys individuals, families, and in doing so destroys our communities? Why are they hollering justice when the people who got their family businesses that theyve worked for trashed probably wont receive any justice? Im not saying everyone out there is on some bs but from what ive seen a good portion of the people out there are just out there to be out there. They just follow suit. They just wanna make noise, start trouble, and watch stuff burn. For all the ppl who are really about this movement, trying to be a force for change and actually making an impact thatll help to change the direction of our judicial system and the laws that protect crooked cops, stand your ground. More power to you!! But weed out these suckaz! They make you guys look bad, RIP GEORGE FLOYD! Pray for our Nation and Floyd family. May God be with Floyd family, and the rest of our Nation as well! Iin Jesus Name AMEN!!

    • Y H says:

      bto they dnt care. like the mayor. 17 out ofq 19 looters were from sac yet he said it was a out of town problem. they hide it all jist like they do with the CITY borders

    • Bellathebear says:

      Amen, & Thank you

    • Bellathebear says:

      Just want to say to anyone that’ll hear me..Noone” really knows who’s who. But it appears Other Groups have hijacked these protests for their own evil agenda, one possible group is called ANTIFA, minnesota was burned, but it’s clear the black community didn’t do it. Go to Ch. REGG INKAGNEDO ” Minnesota on fire” It’s a livestream video from friday night, it’s 7hrs 18 mins long, at approx hr.4 thru 6, a group of young white males with backpacks are suspected of burning properties…Be safe, Be well, Don’t let anyone steal your joy, But offer joy. God bless you one and all

    • Linus Sphinx says:

      @Y H yeh, those are Rancho Cordova and Elk Grove problems we cut them loose.

  17. Sitruc says:

    I was hoping one of the officers would shoot that chick screaming like a banshee. Unfortunate.

  18. Gus Klimt says:

    Black clothing gives you a thinner more trim appearance..🤔

  19. Sonido Experiencia says:

    How can anyone dislike this ? Have a heart people come on !! Stop the hate. Love our brothers and sisters. Together = STRONG. Divided= WEAK

  20. Ray Dugas says:

    Cowards attacked a children’s hospital in Houston yesterday so let law enforcement handle it however they see fit. Good Luck and God Bless.🙏

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