LIVE: Coverage of George Floyd protests, law enforcement response in Twin Cities

LIVE: Coverage of George Floyd protests, law enforcement response in Twin Cities

KARE 11 is live with ongoing coverage of protests

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37 Responses

  1. Keith Saunders says:

    Are you kidding me? I certainly don’t think I’d be exercising my right to carry as shown in the ending scene! Especially while being considered illegal after curfew… unless she believes the old saying better to be caught with it than without?

  2. SocialBounty Money Making App says:

    good video man 5m2a

  3. David Stone says:

    No one hurt? The mob pulled the driver out and beat him.

    • the wig that flew to mars says:

      I just want to say America built itself on stealing and slavery. The fact that you are more concerned about things being stolen (that can easily be replaced) says a lot about where you stand in all of this. Black people built this country and they’re simply taking back what’s theirs. It’s overdue but whatever. Also, i’m neither american nor black.

    • Robin Martz says:

      the wig that flew to mars it isn’t the stuff stolen to the people who own those things, and the stores to keep it in, it’s that they cannot afford to replace all that stuff. They sell stuff, then they buy more stuff and sell more… you’re a little ignorant about the way it works. You are so mistaken about this country being built by blacks. That’s a lie someone told . I know all about slavery and history, ( cuz I AM an American and paid attention in history class, obviously not like you).

    • Robin Martz says:

      the wig that flew to mars you must be what, 16?? Or wait. 21! In between?? Cuz you sure don’t know enough to be any older.

    • Samantha Fisher says:

      Robin Martz wtf is hu? U sound like a moron. Stop

    • Samantha Fisher says:

      the wig that flew to mars yep!

  4. Viva El diablo Nwo says:

    4:19:16 wasinton te queres matar la bandera de mejico en tu aveniud…!

  5. John Arch says:

    “protestors ” ya no rioters

  6. Q T says:


  7. Ethan Chao says:

    the covid-19 virus would love to join the crowds. This protest has gone too far through the States.

    • jannvs ahri says:

      Burning, breaking, looting, stealing, pillage & plunder keeps Covid-19 at bay..

    • Forex_Broker_Timeless says:

      @Ben Lee
      And you have evidence
      please share…

    • Forex_Broker_Timeless says:

      @Ben Lee
      Why should I do your work for you, if you’re going to present something as fact you have to back it up with evidence?
      You’re the lazy one, you should prove it, I don’t have to prove it wrong because that’s how the burden of proof works, you idiot.

    • Inninew Iam says:

      It’s planned event. Either they predicted Virus because the first Corona Bill introduced was January 24, 2019. Called “Care” Act H.R 748. Smart leaders sure can predict virus.

  8. Mohan Mirpuri says:

    All this could have been avoided, just few policemen are responsible for all this…

    • Hor Fun says:

      You are wrong. Past episodes of police brutality, the ignorance of the government and the current economy has built up all these anger.

    • Piemento 22 says:

      That’s like saying COVID will go away when there is summer weather

    • R V says:

      Make Arrest on time the killer cop, and no problems on the streets , u r right sir

  9. MrKamran0123 says:

    Inequality Injustice Invokes Interruption

  10. Razak Idris says:

    Corona Virus = *Nobody cares about me anymore.* 😢

    • Michael Lysandrou says:

      Change your colour or become a cop!

    • Clintony Cartero says:


    • margery morris says:

      Move to another country like India or Pakistan. You will see how many more people live in perfect harmony.

    • DRACARYS FIRE says:

      So true and just wait until the protesters that were not careful are hammered by it.
      Including all those they infect along the way. Mn taxpayers will foot the hospital bills, money has to. One from somewhere and unfortunately it will be the people working paying taxes 🙁 I feel bad for Mn and what their city has turned into over the last 10 years.

  11. analiensaturn says:

    Agent Soros bought Autozone

  12. Cash Ashtari says:

    to seperate activists from looters and oppurtunist , police allowed the protestors to take protest on to the highway as a mass march. This was believed to result in the looters not following or joining the dedicated demonstrators as they took the highway

  13. Junjun says:

    I interested bout the fact that one of the police is an Asian. We Will go LA 1992 riot again? You know, Asian vs black classics.

  14. Rebajean Forever says:

    Who got hit?

  15. Omuerta Genetix says:

    This is our lifetimes Civil War

  16. Elle T says:

    Once upon a time there was a country called USA…….

  17. N Kae Nomik says:

    George Floyd’s death takes a few minutes…..
    Chauvin’s sentence takes hundreds of day…….

  18. Jerome Mathieu says:

    Usa police racist and murder, it’s the same thing in Brazil Israel France etc

  19. Car Lea says:


  20. magmanamous bazooka says:

    These protests are an outburst of the frustration of the people who have lost their livelihoods because of lockdowns. The Death of George Floyd has just acted as a trigger.

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