LIVE: F1 Virtual Grand Prix!

LIVE: F1 Virtual Grand Prix!

F1 drivers Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Alex Albon, George Russell, Antonio Giovinazzi and Nicholas Latifi take on 2009 world champion Jenso Button, 2019 cricket world cup winner Ben Stokes and a host of global stars for our Virtual Grand Prix special!

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63 Responses

  1. Agustin PM says:


    • Finn Griggs says:

      @FearlessBOB the game kicked him it wasn’t his game crashing

    • Agustin PM says:

      @Koba _ well i think he got over you easily since you shouldn’t know anything about him, idiot

    • Takumi Fujiwara says:


    • Calum Gasparri says:

      Wouldn’t have made a difference to the race, he should get a better PC if the game is always crashing on him.

    • Finn Griggs says:

      @Calum Gasparri once again I must say that his game didn’t crash because 1:his game glitched and kicked him and Esteban Gutierrez and 2: if he crashed he would have had landobot driving for him and he could have rejoined like in the Bahrain virtual grand prix

  2. Ahad says:

    Landobot was missed today.

  3. Limonada Talk says:


  4. vivek sharma says:

    Stokesy getting Ready for IPL 🔥

  5. Dave Bechtum says:

    This game needs to stop popping yellow flags the second a car goes slow during qualifying…

    • emanemanresuresu says:

      the game sucks. shame there is no better f1 game

    • Darren Murray says:

      emanemanresuresu this is a positive thing. Because the game is being shown for the limitations it has publicly And some drivers have been critical. So it will embarrass them enough to improve. The potential is there . Just stupid bugs throughout it.

    • Preston F says:

      emanemanresuresu how does it suck

  6. haz waqil says:

    Finally, what Fernando wants, equal engines for everyone as in “equal car performance”

    • Filippo Bonetto says:

      haz waqil it’s a yoke, a yoke

    • JiJi says:

      But everyone still cut the “chicken”

    • Bluejay 64 says:

      Still tho mate if you really think about it even if they have the same engines the performance won’t always be the same. The body’s in F1 look similar but the chamber of the wheels and the front of the car can contribute to the speed aswell. It’s not all about the engine

    • Six says:

      @Bluejay 64 of course it s not just about the engine,otherwise the teams using the same engine would have the same level of performance and that s obviously not the case

    • zosu says:

      @Six Alonso said that when Honda engine was terrible, so makes sense

  7. Joshua Crosby Pennoc says:

    He’s not a fanboy just passionate

  8. Gseric47 says:

    I had no idea Charles was so quick in this game.

    • Tj930 says:

      Heh.. He wasn’t until about 8 days ago! Transferable skills, eh?

    • Jurassic Mindset says:

      @Tj930 I’ve tried F1 and iRacing. Don’t even compare. F1 is so easy

    • Jurassic Mindset says:

      @Yasith Rashmika 22:06 forgive me if I’m wrong but the commentator said “different assists”

    • Ademir Spagnol Junior says:

      You are absolutely right
      Loud and clear

    • Ademir Spagnol Junior says:

      @Snuepe i mainly compared jimmy and jaaames to charles
      Both say they have a hard time mainly with abs off and both are really good SIM drivers if you dont consider jaaames a pro on iracing
      But even with more practice on the game prior to all these f1 virtual gps leclerc and his brother that isnt a f1 driver were A LOT faster
      I still think, leclerc used assists but not racing line or manual gears
      I dont understand why you received 13 likes but anyway you are wrong

  9. AC3 says:

    I just don’t see how you can’t love this! Especially when we can’t have the real racing. This is great stuff! I’ll tunein anytime they have this!

  10. Dave Beverley says:

    Jimmy did a great job!

  11. Fahrrad Mittelfranken says:

    2019: eSpOrTs IsNt ReAl SpOrTs
    2020: esports is the only sports.

  12. Ey Way says:

    Thanks to everyone who cares for us to survive the F1 free time. Special thanks to all the drivers who put their time and effort into these races. Congrats 1 2 3 and all others. Will definitely watch the next races and thank you for the commentators.

  13. DaniëlWW2 says:

    Meanwhile Lando Norris uninstalled the game on his live stream after yet more problems. Verstappen also was quite savage in stating that he will never join this event…

    • MrCosta says:

      @westarne Maybe Lando should think of fixing his PC first? It has only happened to him…

    • Sam Jennings says:

      @MrCosta is there a limit on pc parts in the season? He’ll be on a penalty before even starting a race!

    • Cliffracer says:

      @Sam Jennings lol thank you for the laugh

    • Brennan Schafer says:

      @Herr CampzAlot Lando, Max and many other real-life racers have been doing big races on iRacing’s platform, which let’s all just be real makes Codemaster’s F1 game look like a joke. It’s cool to see all the F1 licencing though. I understand many racers not wanting to be a part of it though. I haven’t really played f1 2019 since the first few weeks it released. Hard to play it after being used to a proper sim like iRacing and VR support. How is it 2020 and f1 still has no VR support, smh.

    • M RO says:

      At the very least iRacing has a very good net code and has proven its reliability when it comes to long racing sessions

  14. Mattia Molteni says:

    Wow Charles is a master in this game…

  15. Matthew Clifford says:

    And it’s lights out and away we go in Charles Leclerc’s bedroom!

  16. Steve B says:

    This was fun, but let’s see more replays and angles of the crashes, that’s what we’re here for!

  17. Night Hunter says:

    Leclerc 1-2, something I never thought I’d hear after the Schumacher brothers.

  18. SheetFiber4488 says:

    Charles was untouched. Tidy lap, no mistake, no error. He is damn hell of a driver. I’d loved to see him in AC or iRacing.

  19. Michael Dillon says:

    The F1 public relations team and media deserves a raise. This was top quality entertainment!!!

  20. Caleb Kan says:

    First time Charles Leclerc joining an F1 Esport Event and he absolutely dominated off the line, absolutely held it together well done!

    • S7evin88 says:

      Charles is just pure class, reality or virtual reality. That’s why he got that Ferrari seat so early. He deserves.

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