Live from CERN: Join us for the first collisions for physics at 13.6 TeV!

Live from CERN: Join us for the first collisions for physics at 13.6 TeV!

In April 2022, CERN restarted the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) after more than three years of maintenance and upgrades, known as Long Shutdown 2 (LS2).

Since then, experts have worked around the clock to progressively recommission the machine and safely ramp up the energy and intensity of the beams before delivering collisions to the LHC experiments at the world-record energy of 13.6 trillion electronvolts (13.6 TeV). These high-energy collisions with stable beams will mark the beginning of the third run of the LHC, called Run 3.

Join CERN scientists live on 5 July, 16.00 CEST to celebrate this world record and the upcoming physics season.

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41 Responses

  1. Alecksndr says:

    wow, this is way harder to understand what is happening lol NASA or SpaceX streams seem like a walk in the park compared to this. But pretty cool, i expect to see more of this streams!

  2. NumbersAndSports says:

    Imagine being so smart that not only can you do and accomplish these feats as apart of a high level team but to ALSO be able to explain it in your 2nd, 3rd or 4th language. These are for sure the 1% of the 1%.

  3. Casey Smith says:

    Whatever you do, do NOT cross the beams!! That would be bad.

  4. William Scott says:

    11,000 laps per second? OH MY GOSH!

    I didn’t know humanity was even capable of making something go so fast.

  5. Angry Noobs says:

    I like how Cern took control of the narrative this time around.

  6. techcheck says:

    I need a livefeed of the sky above CERN

  7. Niels Peter Borgen Nielsen says:

    If you would be able to turn down the sound of the other speakers, it would be possible to listen to the one being filmed.

    • Jana CH says:

      I was quoting Gardner rather than Crowley. It’s been at least twenty-five years since I’ve considered myself a neo-pagan, but I remember it with fondness and still have all my books, including several by Crowley. I mainly wanted to indicate that my critique of occultism is based on knowledge rather than ignorance. I believed in it for a long time, so I feel entitled to a bit of affectionate snarking.

    • starozy says:

      Damn near impossible to follow what is being said much of the time.

  8. Yang Mills & Mass Gap says:

    Lot of military plane activity above CERN. Also interesting that the Sun today was in alignment with the star Sirius

    • Rositaforever Cabrera says:

      @Joana Cagido lol humans are not smart to create a universe

    • Christian olmo says:

      @Walker Anger Lmao deadass

    • gothmedli says:

      Speaking of astrology we also have mars shifting into the same sign that Rahu and Uranus are currently in. the conjunction of these by the end of July (based on history of when these conjunct) is suggestive to huge technological advances. it happened when the world wide web became available for everyone, it happened with the boom of social media. so it’s certainly timed based on astrological events.

    • USMCWIFE says:

      @Daniel 💯

  9. SinnersWrld says:

    For most that were concerned, it’s important to realize that there are beams in the cosmos much more terrifyingly stronger and larger than the ones we produce, we are not yet even close to producing beams that could cause a cosmological disaster. Notice how I said “yet”. Give it about 3 decades LOL!

    • SinnersWrld says:

      if you say so:)

    • gothmedli says:

      man made vs naturally occurring arent gonna have the same product. that logic is completely flawed. that’s like saying ” oh yeah I’ll just make a forest fire! no problems here. forest fires are naturally occuring.” lol.

    • SinnersWrld says:

      Did I say that? oh my I didn’t read again what I said and have an open mind and I encourage it.

    • Jenna Lee says:

      so you believe that you are smarter and more informed than Stephen Hawking who said the opposite. Where did you get your degree??

    • SinnersWrld says:

      @PlayerVersusTony and no it’s common sense if you actually understand physics and understand the power and the way phenomenons work in the universe. But you are right there are a lot of professionals who know a lot more than me on YouTube:)

  10. Champion Cycles says:

    Hopefully they return use back to the proper time line. The last 3 years have been weird.

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