LIVE: Opening Day of 116th Congress – House of Representatives (C-SPAN)

LIVE: Opening Day of 116th Congress – House of Representatives (C-SPAN)

The U.S. House opens the 116th Congress, elects a new speaker, and plans to take up legislation to reopen the government. Full video here:

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60 Responses

  1. Anne George says:

    Why are they opening with a prayer? I want complete separation of church and State.

  2. Diane Owen says:

    I suppose any minute now trump will tweet his congratulations to Pelosi and all new members….oh right…hahahahahahaha …trump…ha.

  3. becky Sawyer says:


  4. becky Sawyer says:

    Opening with a prayer for who??? They don’t know god

  5. Baggypants says:

    Time to put this evil administration in check!

  6. David Frison says:

    116th turned around and upside down is 911

  7. Xeo 087 says:

    A historic year for women on both sides of the aisle. So many firsts this year! I think 2019 is going to be a better year than 2018 for everyone.

    • Patriotic Warrior says:

      so now less then 50% will get anything done while women pat themselves on the back for nonsense. SHUT UP this is worse then before LOL – Repeal the 19th

    • cleo0399 says:

      +Patriotic Warrior women’s place is on their backs.

  8. Patriotic Warrior says:

    Its extremely important that people witness this part of the installation of the house. This is when they sneak in shady resolutions and sneaky rule changes

    • Demond Kemp says:

      Yeah….like where are the tax returns.

    • Patriotic Warrior says:

      +Demond Kemp you couldn’t read them even if you actually were entitled to see them. where are go first. oh right you are a democrat you don’t work LOL

    • butt cheeks says:

      +Patriotic Warrior Pretty ignorant to assume democrats don’t work. I’m a software developer that pays my fair share of taxes, and billionaires like Trump should too. If you consider yourself a republican, and you somehow justify Trump’s presidency that couldn’t get anything done even with a gop congress then you’re not as “patriotic” as you claim to be since you clearly have no idea what that means.

  9. Dino Spumoni says:

    What a beautiful opening prayer by Rev. Cleaver. Brilliantly written.

  10. Darian Martos says:

    Other votes for Speaker of the House:
    Amash (R – MI-03) – Thomas Massie
    Biggs (R – AZ-05) – Jim Jordan
    Brindisi (D – NY-22) – Joe Biden
    Cooper (D – TN-05) – Present
    Crow (D – CO-06) – Tammy Duckworth
    Cunningham (D – SC-01) – Cheri Bustos
    Golden (D – ME-02) – Cheri Bustos
    Gosar (R – AZ-04) – Jim Jordan
    Hice (R – GA-10) – Jim Jordan
    Kind (D – WI-03) – John Lewis
    Lamb (D – PA-17) – Joe Kennedy III
    Massie (R – KY-04) – Jim Jordan
    McAdams (D – UT-04) – Stephanie Murphy
    Perry (R – PA-04) – Jim Jordan
    Rice (D – NY-04) – Stacey Abrams
    Rose (D – NY-11) – Tammy Duckworth
    Schrader (D – OR-05) – Marcia Fudge
    Sherrill (D – NJ-11) – Cheri Bustos
    Slotkin (D – MI-08) – Present
    Spanberger (D – VA-07) – Cheri Bustos
    Van Drew (D – NJ-02) – “No” (Became a Present)

  11. Timothy Branca says:

    Democracy is dead

    • Joe Newbie says:

      It’s a scam a joke they are a waste of our money

    • Dino Spumoni says:

      Because the people who you wanted to win didn’t? Lol sore loser.

      I wonder if you were saying democracy is dead when Donald Trump won the election despite earning vastly fewer votes. Something tells me you weren’t…

    • AKzebraMiner says:

      Timothy Branca No it isn’t. All these people got in through popular vote, nothing has changed.

  12. Cecily Harrison says:

    Why is he speaking first?! It’s her victory, he is stealing it, the thing Republicans do best.

    • Patriotic Warrior says:

      whats that ? republicans pointing out how stupid you are?,
      ya we do that. Here we go what we do best:
      YOU CECILY ARE STUPID! you’re welcome LOL Feel better? Moron

    • AKzebraMiner says:

      Cecily Harrison Eh, they have been doing that forever. I guess this is the first time you watched a Congress opening day livestream.

    • AKzebraMiner says:

      Patriotic Warrior What the hell are you talking about?

    • cleo0399 says:

      If its stealing its clearly the Democrats..look at that wretched black witch in Broward County in Florida..Dr. Snipes..Doctor lol,where did she get her degree from,a cracker jack box?this is probably the most corrupt county in America where the Sheriff refuses to resign and sees that his department did nothing wrong after the Parkland high school massacre where his deputies stood outside and didn’t have the stones to confront the murderer..PATHETIC…Broward and Palm Beach County,two incompetent and corrupt counties.

    • Dino Spumoni says:

      It’s a tradition lol relax.

  13. Timothy Branca says:

    I feel we are going to have a false flag again soon.

  14. Daniel Nemni says:

    1:29:05 for Ocasio-Cortez ?‍♂️

  15. Mahir Rahman says:

    Let’s see what the neoliberals in charge Pelosi and Hoyer how hard they challenge Trump on the investigations but most importantly how well they fit the progessive litmus test.

    • Dino Spumoni says:

      What’s the progressive litmus test in your eyes?

    • Mahir Rahman says:

      +Dino Spumoni A focus on policy substance rather than cliches and caving to the Republicans. Overwhelming popular demands that are fiscally possible
      Medicare for all
      Green New Deal
      Living Wage
      Making Public Colleges Tuition Free
      Much more stronger consumer financial protection
      Investigating Trump on business corruption rather than just focusing on Russia

  16. DoobieDrew says:

    Yknow what would would be dope
    If citizens United was abolished
    Also if our potus would reopen the government would be great considering a wall wouldn’t even fix anything as most illegal immigrants come over on legal visas and just stay after they expire

    You shouldn’t become a millionaire by legislating
    Just saying

  17. steph r says:

    Gotta Love all the Christian conservatives on here getting their panties in a wad over the prayer. As if they are the only ones who can “know” or define God. Lame.

  18. Mahir Rahman says:

    No, Kevin McCarthy America is not the greatest country in the face of the planet, we are a global laughingstock. Neoliberals and neocons stop with American exceptionalism bullshit

  19. Nerdvana'sDomain says:

    Why did they start this with a prayer? What happened to the separation of Church and state?

    • AKzebraMiner says:

      Nerdvana’sDomain It meant to not make any laws related to church. So church and state is separated. But looks like they got away with this, since it’s not related to making a law…

  20. Ayson Niel says:

    Stop using my tax dollars for prayer.

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