Live PD: 50 Mile Pursuit (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: 50 Mile Pursuit (Season 2) | A&E

When two fugitives break out the window of a hotel that they were tracked to, officers engage them in a long, winding car chase that takes them all the way to Las Vegas in this clip from “07.21.18”. #LivePD
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On “Live PD,” ABC’s Dan Abrams and Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson offer insight and commentary as live cameras capture the work of a mix of urban and rural police forces around the country on a typical Friday night.

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91 Responses


    Taco a dude that get

  2. Yung Tato says:

    he got nice tiddies

  3. krninja22 says:

    A Prius, the perfect getaway car.

  4. MT Lui says:

    Who else looks at the comments while watching the video?

  5. Kizzle says:

    “No im carlos” lmao!

  6. Help me get to 100 Subscribers says:

    15 felonies? Good lord lol.

  7. Ted Nugent says:

    This one needed the Benny Hill music.

  8. katana_92 says:

    LOL poor guy just chillin and gets police knocking on his door

  9. Typical Gang says:

    It’s a Prius how hard could it be

  10. Austin Hansen says:

    As soon as he busted window and the cops clearly weren’t ready, I cane to the comments lol

  11. Americuh says:

    “We have the whole building surrounded”
    Clearly not.

  12. WesleySnipzzz says:

    Why did they add an emotional music through the intense moment when the cop smashes the car glass

  13. vigenlona says:

    lmao my boy carlos was probably beating his meat and then the police came

  14. Brandon Mekola says:

    I feel like the cameraman doesn’t get the props that he needs, good job cameraman

  15. icwiz says:

    1:29 I was half expecting the camera guy to smash through that window to get to the scene!

  16. Justin M says:

    “Hey bud, why did you jump out the window?”…he has about 15 felony warrents

  17. Nathaniel Daniels says:

    Cops lie more than anyone. This guy made them look really stupid, though. Tell him that he is surrounded yet don’t cover the outside of the window/building while on the first floor!? Amateur’s! Instead of smashing the side windows of the car, how about smashing the windshield so they lose visibility to even make it out of the parking lot.

    • Johnny Hord says:

      Nathaniel Daniels they all carry knifes too why not just slash the tires right there 🙂

    • Jason Crandall says:

      Right. Put yourself towards the front of a car that can move at any second. Suspect was lucky they didn’t shoot but to not know the exact room or have Leo’s covering the windows for a man that has 15 warrants is concerning to me.

    • Brea Canyon Drifter says:

      Plus it’s hard enough to smash a side window, and the windshield is a lot thicker, and the curve of it makes it stronger still. It’s easier to break a windshield from the inside

  18. Mike Morris says:

    I see they did in fact NOT have it surrounded. They weren’t expecting him to break the window.

  19. Mark Z U C C says:

    Carlos broke the window

  20. Mark Z U C C says:

    4:08 the woman cop lmao

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