Live PD: Do You Even Lift, Bro? (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Do You Even Lift, Bro? (Season 3) | A&E

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An officer tries to recover a fallen storm drain that created a hole in a children’s playground. With the help of some teenagers, they recover it and slide it back into place in this clip from “7.26.19”. #LivePD
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69 Responses

  1. A&E says:

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

  2. Evan Cancel says:

    I love this. The local kids comin together to help out a cop I love it

  3. Hailey Solis says:

    I love how he interacts with one kid and the group just grows

  4. Zion says:

    All the kids are bigger than the cop??

  5. Yeethosteve says:

    Little do they know that was El Chapo’s escape route ?

  6. Kyra Rempel says:

    “Don’t get bit by no alligators”
    Haha the kid said what I was thinking

  7. erika xo says:

    He couldn’t lift the cover because he was using all his power to chew the gum

  8. matthewmmk says:

    *Sees officer standing half way into the ground*

    Me: This is going to be a good episode.

    • Rob Coch says:

      I know, at first glance I thought it was a little person. I thought it was going to be a documentary about a little person being a cop or something. I was wrong.

  9. Kris Hammer says:

    If camera guy wasn’t there cops would have just called the sewer guys

  10. therealmrfishpaste says:

    Why aren’t the storm-drain covers circular…..that way they can never fall in!

  11. Antonio R says:

    Yo this things as heavy as a small Volkswagen

    Two kids proceed to lift it up

  12. Duke Of Hesse says:

    I just watched a video about a storm drain cover. I have no life. There is no point going on.

  13. EaST CoAsT MaCHete says:

    I lifted a storm drain cover once out of adrenaline to get my phone . No one believed me. Lol

  14. ꧁Man dero꧂ says:

    City: let’s put a hole next to the playground, no wonder our kids dissapear?

  15. Chad Cesaro says:

    Maybe don’t be chewing gum if you’re miced up for live TV

  16. ??? ? ???? says:

    Why the title gotta diss the cop ?

    Do you even lift bro??

  17. Billy Rock says:

    Cop “that’s as heavy as a Volkswagen”

    Kids “Hold my Coke”

  18. Michelle My Belle says:

    Before he gets back to his car, its like that again. Lol

  19. Shmurda Hat says:

    This cop is inhaling and exhaling his gum ?

  20. Joshua Pierre says:

    He’s gotta be from jersey with all that gum chewing and slick back hair

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