Aired on 07/08/2017

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20 Responses

  1. WileECoyotey says:

    You have wonder why these moron police risk the lives of the public to chase down a $60 ticket .

  2. SamPotato Gaming says:

    why this trending lmao

  3. BigBisonBaconBurritoBoy says:

    um…. 300 views. #7 on trending….. WTF YOUTUBE IM DONE

  4. David says:

    Why is he resisting arrest this is why you get shot. I respect cops because I know the way the police is one wrong move you either get body slammed or shot. Police brutality is real, but let’s not force them to that state. If you are calm and they still use excessive force then take it up in court.

  5. Asher says:

    trending with 300 views. youtube what the fuck?

  6. TittyWinks says:

    291 views and #7 on trending. seems legit.

  7. swagmytwang says:

    wow what kinda shit stain uses a baby as a shield

  8. Name Here says:

    It says there’s 291 views how is this on my trending tab

  9. Alec Preston says:

    This is YouTube trying to get shit like this to trend (white cops vs black people) just because he had a baby doesn’t make in innocent YouTube..

  10. Rogue says:

    321 views and on trending lmao

  11. Ari Goldstein says:

    Black culture breeds this kind of behavior. Black people need to lose the “thug” culture and embrace a family first culture.

  12. Milton Cruz says:

    Each like I won’t jerk off for that many days

  13. Jacob Steadman says:

    No reason for this to be trending and it should be titled “Man tries to get away with his child cause of fear”. plainly click bait.

  14. Bu says:

    Trending with 341 views, 15likes and 19 dislikes.
    amazing youtube system we got

  15. Sean LAX says:

    Who’s here before it hits trending and everything he watches it

  16. JoePesciLikes Spaghetti says:

    Social justice lobbyists made this trend. Fuck YouTube.

  17. CaptainGelotin says:

    When will people get that the trending videos are based on views/shares per minute?…

  18. Your Mom says:

    How is this video trending when it says it has 400 views.

  19. Ari Goldstein says:

    I admire cops, there is a war on them and their profession from a group of criminal enablers and apologists. No matter what they do they are attaked in the court of public opinion and any facts associated with any incident is ignored by people who just want to hate and lie about them. Forensics and facts almost always same they are justified. You can’t argue with facts but for some that’s still not good enough. If you hate cops, call a crackhead next time you are robbed.
    To cop haters, fuck you.

  20. michael cook says:

    Police attack man with baby in arms* fixed it for you

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