Live PD: Runs Like a Bullet (Season 3) | A&E

Live PD: Runs Like a Bullet (Season 3) | A&E

An officer stops a man on the street for suspiciously walking around with a rifle case at night, and when he questions the man, he immediately takes off in this clip from “11.10.18”. #LivePD
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On “Live PD,” ABC’s Dan Abrams and Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson offer insight and commentary as live cameras capture the work of a mix of urban and rural police forces around the country on a typical Friday night.

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81 Responses


    Awww yeahh….one of my fav tv shows. Look at the size of him compared to that cop

  2. DMT 〉? says:

    Should’ve could’ve would’ve detained him when you had the chance

    • Hayama Takenaka says:

      +Mike Tython
      Umm.. No, actually, If Suspect had any drugs or weapon, or had no license while driving , he could be detained for safety.
      But he didn’t.
      Of course that suspect was committing something obviously.
      But still that officer couldn’t make detain that point.
      He just should let him sit down nearby curb or holding him till backup arrived

    • Mike Tython says:

      Hayama Takenaka Ok. I’ve been detained for pretty much nothing and I’ve seen people detained for “suspicion” of something on shows like these before so I assumed…

    • Lord Of frog says:

      Hayama Takenaka you cant be detained for having a weapon … 2nd amendment rights protected by the 4th

    • Hayama Takenaka says:

      +Lord Of frog
      Of course you can’t be detained for just carrying legally registered weapon but for other suspicion.
      If police decide starting investigation against you for suspicion (EX: for call from dispatcher , suspicion for drug activity , ETC…) and he find you having weapon,
      you can be detained for safe investigation.
      That’s just lawful procedure.

    • Hayama Takenaka says:

      +Travis Preisner
      That’s partially true, But also police have authority to start investigation ‘suspicious activity’.
      Specially in high crime zone in the middle of the night.
      If you ignore officer in those situations, they will report to HQ for sending backup and follow you.
      It’s little problem of every countries between Citizen and Police.
      ‘Right for privacy VS Duty for investigation’.
      But generally police have advantage on public road.

  3. Aaron Smith says:

    Dude was GONE

  4. steezykenny says:


  5. miguel portillo says:

    My mans had slides on, and still dusted the cop ??‍♂️?

  6. Dance4lifeBR says:

    He’s gone like a bullet hahah

  7. Jon says:

    He was late for a college class. Cmon guys, quit giving him a hard time. He’s been keeping out of trouble and getting his life back together.

  8. TheRealBigBoss says:

    What the police need to do is not to arrest this man but to get him on their side so he can run after criminals ?

  9. Narthumpulous says:

    3:27 Dude’s clearly guilty of pubic hair possession.

  10. jig ga says:

    hahaha his timing was just right and he is fast

  11. Entertainment Maestro says:

    I guess A&E were sick of the “wake and bake” comments so they started uploading at 1.

  12. CaptainSaminoz says:

    If you turn your back to a suspect that’s not detained, you better be a track star. Gave ole boy the golden opportunity

    • meehhhe Of You says:

      cant detain someone without suspecting them of a crime..and nothing for the officer to legit suspect… nothing illegal about carrying a gun case around a neighborhood with ammo or a gun, i would be willing to even say not even suspicious, just weird to do at night…

    • Mason McGovern says:

      meehhhe Of You yeah my thoughts exactly the dude could’ve just told the cop it’s a few magazines and that’s that. Cop couldn’t have searched the bag just ask for ID

    • Ya Man says:

      meehhhe Of You when do most murders happen? At night. Not suspicious to be walking around with a rifle case at night? That’s why the stop even happened, it was pretty suspicious lol. Glad you aren’t a cop

    • Mason McGovern says:

      Ya Man yes however the that doesn’t give the cop any right to do anything other than ask for ID (state dependent) and ask what he’s up to

    • meehhhe Of You says:

      Ya Man false, statistically during the day more murders happen and you can see why, more people out and about and thus more unsolicited interactions.

      Like when people say most robberies and breakins happen at night… reality is most happen during the day

  13. VICTOR RIVERA says:

    Finally someone got away ?

  14. bmay19 says:

    I got so high before watching this I took off running too

  15. Shawn Kinser says:

    That long legged dude the next state over by now

  16. Hallking78 says:

    When a dude holding a 50lb camera can keep up with you…

  17. Tsunami Koopa says:

    When them slides come off it’s over with ??‍♂️ barefoot speed is insane

  18. Ismael Holguin says:

    Cop wanna put him more than one charge just cause he couldn’t get him ?

  19. John oof Koins says:


  20. Htown TxMade says:

    This fools need alot of training they get tired fast lmaoo

    • Jesse Aguilar says:

      Htown TxMade try running with a service belt and a sudden burst of adrenaline

    • Htown TxMade says:

      +Jesse Aguilar i seen cops run for more than a minute and they aint tired. Not like this guy git tired real fast not in shape for a cop

    • 420 Blazeit says:

      I mean he does have like 25 lbs of police equipment

    • chaoswraith says:

      not to mention breathing heavy =/= out of energy. your body starts sucking in air in preparation. better to have it and not need it, etc. biology 101 is sooooo complicated

    • PięknoNatury says:

      Jesse Aguilar service belt and buletproof vest on your body. This vest is so heavy. And runing full speed behind suspect. Not easy.

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