Live PD: Sheets & Lingerie (Season 2) | A&E

Live PD: Sheets & Lingerie (Season 2) | A&E

An officer is called to a store where workers believe an agitated, uncooperative man has stolen several items, which he denies despite the evidence in this clip from “08.10.18”. #LivePD
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On “Live PD,” ABC’s Dan Abrams and Dallas Police Department Detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson offer insight and commentary as live cameras capture the work of a mix of urban and rural police forces around the country on a typical Friday night.

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85 Responses

  1. Samurai_Aldo says:

    That lady’s shirt is hilarious.

  2. ladonz76 says:

    “Is he lying? …uh yeah 😂😂😂

  3. Moe Hussein says:

    “I mAkE tHiS sHiRt LoOk GoOd” Oh okay….

  4. J-Man The Great says:

    Definition of “hitting rock bottom”: kicked out of Walmart and never allowed to return.

  5. A-10 says:

    Must have been some massive lingerie!

  6. Shawn P. says:

    Sheets & lingerie….
    Yeh she didn’t know what he was doing 🙄😏🙄😏

  7. Jessica Eiler says:

    Hopefully he was stealing her a bra ! 😳

  8. Joe Churchill says:

    poor dog getting zipped up into a purse

  9. Gleeb Gliber Galactica Gavorti says:

    I don’t even want to try to imagine how disgusting it would be to have to witness that woman wearing lingerie.

  10. EndbossProductions says:

    Isnt it kind of cute that every low life stupid hill billy is able to find love on this planet =) <3

  11. Not Ikea coworker says:

    She makes that shirt look like a good towel being that size.

  12. Philip Canna says:

    She absolutely does NOT make that shirt look good. At all.

  13. Stavey Putin says:

    Poor dog.
    The sheets were the lingerie

  14. Jared Mitchener says:

    He got nervous af when he found out they gave him his real name. He’s got enemies in jail lol

  15. F E says:

    *admits to stealing, proceeds to walk away from law enforcement after manager confirms he would like to press charges*

    smart one

  16. DMT 〉👽 says:

    “I wasnt doin nuffin” -Every innocent black man

  17. Elijah Fontanez says:

    That lady is the archetype of lower class American women: obese, dates a felon, awkward t-shirt, and a small dog in her bag.

  18. BiG JuiCe says:

    You need to bail me outta jail! Nah she went back home to eat!😂

  19. Vincent Vega says:

    i think some walking will do her some good

  20. sean peterson says:

    Maybe they got confused with what he stole… the lingerie is the size of king bed sheets

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