LIVE: Peaceful protests underway across Los Angeles, OC, over George Floyd’s death | ABC7

LIVE: Peaceful protests underway across Los Angeles, OC, over George Floyd’s death | ABC7

LIVE NOW: Protests in Hollywood, Van Nuys, and more across Southern California

ABC7 Los Angeles is bringing you live continuous coverage of various protests taking place today across Southern California, after protests over the weekend turned into looting and vandalism.

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70 Responses

  1. Default User says:

    Only peaceful cause it’s full on daytime.

  2. Allen Brindley says:

    I wonder what happened to all the governers snitches? You know for not social distancing

  3. GhostTooHigh says:

    People just taking straight advantage of the situation is disgusting to see

  4. kloco213 says:

    I feel like it’s going to get crazy once the sun goes down

  5. Mike Rose says:

    You can tell by the way they walk that they’re up to no good

    • Bobby B says:

      @Thystaff Thywill that channel has Exploded..So many people watch that dude

    • Thystaff Thywill says:

      @Delilah Collazo Guys don’t care about you virtue signaling females. Go back to your hen house and do your clucking there.

    • LEC illuforce says:

      @Delilah Collazo You can tell a lot about a person on how they walk and dress. That is not white supremacist that is using your senses. I’m assuming you are also judging me right now. I am judging you through your profile pic, it can say a lot about the person. If I don’t know you you need to find out info about that person so and that is the most effective way.

    • chosen few says:

      You can totally tell and it’s not a racist comment they were obviously up to no good

    • M K says:

      Why are 99% of the Looters BLACK ???

  6. C A Vision Banta says:

    Might wanna change the title 😅

  7. Lee Forster says:

    Rioters and looters just getting out of bed for the night shift

  8. Susan Slade says:

    Nothing peaceful there!!

  9. Brannon Morgan says:

    Anyone with a long board is an enemy of the peace

  10. Brannon Morgan says:

    Peaceful protesters Need to stop marching unorganized …… dummies mix in too easy

  11. ManUTDLexi says:

    Theyre all gonna get covid. Darwinism at its finest.

  12. Jed Knight says:

    As punishment weed will be illegal in the state of Ca. Lol 😁😁 I bet if they said that the streets would empty.

    • Jed Knight says:

      @Jed Abbott Have you seen God ?

    • Jed Abbott says:

      Did you just wittness god

    • Jed Abbott says:

      God spelled backwards is dog so yeah he my dog I mean god

    • Pamela Melton says:

      Lord no don’t take the weed from California I just set up my homeless tent. And just bought me a dozen tacos. Is that the national guard. Oh that’s right they’re not coming to your town..looks like the sun tan boys just robbed the pharmacy how come you weren’t watching that one.. I thought that was a peaceful protest ???. Lord Lord how confusing.

    • Jed Knight says:

      I don’t miss blood in the underwear burritos. But it’s hit or miss or maybe shredded glass weighs the food down. Cheers I love CA back in 1996 .. But now … I mean really….

  13. GODLIKE says:

    This says peaceful protest and the first thing I see is someone getting chased and a cop car on fire in an alley. Why is the news such liars. That is far from peaceful.

  14. Azathoth Hastur says:

    any protest not in park is riot fire all will commander!

    intall autocannons

  15. Neil Cassey says:

    We need peace, equality and justice. Let’s loot a hardware store .

    • lol lol says:

      @Mike well since I can’t hear sarcasm through text then if it was just a joke then my mistake and my apologies

    • lol lol says:

      @Mike Also the original comment said “We need peace, equality and justice. Let’s loot a hardware store”, it’s like he/she is directly referring to the protesters that need peace, equality and justice and not the rioters and looter which the two are not even fighting for peace, equality and justice since they are not fighting for it they just want to burn down buildings and loot them.

    • ROCK STEADY says:


    • lol lol says:

      If my explanation was not clear btw then let me just briefly explain it:
      Protesters and Looters are two different things and should not be viewed as the same thing. Looters are nothing but assholes using the opportunity for personal gains while law enforcements are busy.

    • The Presence says:

      @lol lol ima say the n word even though im not black……….NIGGA

  16. Blu says:

    The looters are from the criminals that were released due to c19. They found a great opportunity to riot and loot, using the protest as an excuse, they could careless about George Floyd.

    • Desire says:

      Blu true, the looters are taking advantage of George Floyd’s death and using it as a way to loot

  17. Jaymay says:

    ‘’Peaceful protests “ 1 minute in I hear “ squad car on fire “

  18. ted Sidney says:

    all of you are embarrassing,
    the floyd family doesn’t want this commotion, you do a commotion on the road and damage a lot of property,
    you guys should have fought against the corona virus, not fought against the government, didn’t the police who killed Floyd have been captured ??

    know that China is laughing seeing you attack each other.

  19. York Hunt says:


  20. Neil Cassey says:

    We need peace, equality and love. Let’s loot a hardware store for Jesus.

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