Live: Protests Continue In Twin Cities After Death Of George Floyd | NBC News

Live: Protests Continue In Twin Cities After Death Of George Floyd | NBC News

Protests on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul continue for a third night after the death of George Floyd in police custody. Warning: Video may contain strong language.
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Live: Protests Continue In Twin Cities After Death Of George Floyd | NBC News

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71 Responses

  1. Jason Sabourin says:

    If there are any Mom & Pop businesses left, I hope their smart enough to leave them alone.

    • Abu Rahim says:

      If this continues there will be no moms and pops left….

    • Jeff Baker says:

      @Dante Pellegrino Opportunistic thugs using a protests as a cover.

    • Dante Pellegrino says:

      Jeff Baker I wouldn’t go that far, it’s a more than legitimate protest in my opinion. However, I’d argue that the burning down of innocent businesses specifically is regressive. Thug is a strong word, you can’t generalize everyone protesting nor can you generalize their motivation to do so. Like you say, some are most likely there in the name of senseless violence and looting, but others are surely attempting to bring genuine change.

    • Chris Lee says:

      Nope 92 flashbacks all over again

    • kendrick brevard says:

      That’s why you have insurance…

  2. Death Cheaters Guild says:

    Using lethal EXCESSIVE FORCE = MURDER!!! You unnecessarily take life ⚰️, you get LIFE in prison ⛓! ⚖️

  3. myplcrew says:

    Total commitment when you riot in a wheelchair…

  4. YoCulprit says:

    9:00 That Camera Man Knew What He Was Doing

  5. Tik-Tac-Toe says:

    Murders with badges..

    • Rhonda Clark says:

      S. Wright 💕✝️No that’s what he did

    • Miguel Romero says:

      @no -gracias They broke the constitution.

    • Rhonda Clark says:

      Traveler Volkriin 💕✝️. He swallowed drugs and had a heart attack. HE HAD PLENTY OF OXYGEN IN HIS LUNGS AND BLOOD 🩸. LYING LIBERAL MEDIA HIDING IT. , US whites are not racism. Not the kkk. , You’re a racially Discriminating. , AGAINST ALL WHITES. PLEASE, PLEASE STOP. WERE IN GENOCIDE ,WE LOVE 💕. EVERYONE 😭😭

    • Rhonda Clark says:

      Captrowdy49 😭😭😭. You just threaten my cops 🚓. Every race are cops, they protect us. The guy died from swallowed drugs he caused his own death had a heart attack, he had plenty of oxygen in his lungs and blood 🩸. So u want all cops to die I don’t I love 💕 every race and my cops 👮🏿‍♀️ 👮

    • Sillko Space! says:

      Principal Cowbellist well even though he did some bad things he didn’t deserve to killed, atleast just in prison.

  6. KING REAPER says:

    An actual real live investigative journalist bravely risking his life to show the truth ! Bravo ! I thought they were extinct.

  7. Sippin'Tea says:

    The meaning of “NO Justice NO Peace” has dawned on me. This is so deep.

  8. MysticJimmy7 says:

    2020 has been crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if an alien invasion were to happen.

  9. Brazilian Shamo says:

    the reporter is taking his job to the next level

  10. Bill Jean says:

    Pelosi :” It’s a beautiful sight!”

    “Well , it happend in USA not Hong Kong”

    • Walter Cole says:

      @leslie loong
      While America is crumbling (C Virus

    • Walter Cole says:

      @leslie loong
      High unemployment, deaths and inflation)
      Our Government is trying to overthrow The Venezuelan government ,control the south China Sea ,pushing at Russia, trade war with China, war in Afghanistan, trying to Overthrow Syria government
      Do the Democrats or Republicans really represent the American people or a handful of people who want to control the world

    • Autismo Spectrumlini says:

      No one cares about Hong Kong

    • Max says:

      @Autismo Spectrumlini ok kid

    • Jamie Miller says:

      Pelosi is a psychotic old has been who needs to be punished for treason. Tall tree, short rope.

  11. AIR WOLF says:

    Its funny how the target store is litterally a giant target🤣

    • Jeff Baker says:

      Yeah hysterical.

    • Jeff Baker says:

      @Darby Howard Insurance hardly makes it all ok. You clearly don’t know what owning a small business is like. Talk about what you know about.

    • Squirrel says:

      @Darby Howard are you brain dead? Looting and burning down a city isn’t justice. I hope all officers involved are charged, but that doesn’t justify these RIOTS

    • blkWarrior Spirit says:

      And white supremacists shyt 💩 cops put fellow officers and all competent cops lives at risk when they do white supremacists cops shyt 💩.✌🏿

    • Antonio T. says:

      Lmao the store has an all new meaning to it’s name for now.

  12. SCUBA STEVE says:

    Stay at home has been lifted for sure in Minneapolis ! 😷

  13. MANPREET SINGH says:

    George floyd , world will remember you.

  14. Shemp says:

    This just in… Kendall Jenner is heading that way with a pepsi…should be over soon.

  15. Ri Vin says:

    Deprived Of Air & Oxygen !
    Vitals To Life !
    First Degree Murder !

  16. UltramindcontroL realzz says:

    It’s funny how no one is fighting their all just hanging out like a big rave.

  17. Mindfulness Organics says:

    2020 is definitely going to be remembered as a crazy year

  18. Nobody says:

    Stop counting on the state to protect you and stop paying their taxes to provide for you. Maybe then you won’t have to light stuff on fire when they inevitably screw you over.

    • Meg Lima says:

      Lmfao “stop paying taxes” 🤣🤣 You’re clearly ollllllld. Stay inside while the kids make the real movement happen, old cat.

  19. Sugar says:

    nothing gets me like the long stare at the end of their little speech xD

  20. Alexander Marioneaux says:

    That officer better stay in hiding 😂 his social life is officially over

    • Jim T says:

      @Elios Jones just sayin it don’t make it true. We/ I haven’t heard all the details Put these people in jail for riot.

    • Gabriel Yulaw says:

      @i SRS280491 That’s not even remotely possible that you’ve seen anything of the such. Stop lying.

    • Andrew Taylor says:

      Those 2 cops might even thinking of changing their names now bcoz all people know their names and faces now so it’s just a matter of time before people finds those 2 cops addresses

    • Joker says:

      @i SRS280491 If you don’t know then shut your stupid big mouth! Troublemaker

    • I Don't Get The Joke says:

      @Andrew Taylor Yeah. ‘justice’ everybody, lynch them before the mob comes.

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