LIVE: Santa Monica, Long Beach protests – ABC7’s ongoing coverage across Southern California

LIVE: Santa Monica, Long Beach protests – ABC7’s ongoing coverage across Southern California

ABC7 is bringing you live continuous coverage of various protests taking place across Southern California, one day after protests that turned into looting and vandalism.

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74 Responses

  1. MLGB0Yz says:

    The asl translator is bustin out tik tok dance moves lol

  2. 441.00 says:

    The sign translator hitting the woah like a pro

  3. Cool Cool says:

    This is crazy

    • Ahmedtubeish says:

      In Canada and Australia, if the person in subject is an immigrant , police tell him/her what the fuck you doing in my country , why don’t you go back to where you come from? is A country belonging to police department ?
      Sweden, Denmark,France, Germany , many case to be reopen. why don’t we ask all the cases that are filed in Amnesty Int. ?

  4. Chris Floto says:

    I sure as hell don’t want to start a business in Santa Monica.

    • Bill Yedi says:

      Get Real I’m hiding in my business with my ar. Someone going to get a surprise.

    • Prayeradime 12 says:

      @Bill Yedi Hell yeah. Those looters are cowards who think they’re brave, opportunistic criminals with diseased minds, RUINING & diluting the message of the protesters. No sympathy for them – and they have none for you, or for George.

    • Mine Finder says:

      Thats why one third of all businesses have left Commiefornia.

    • B y says:

      Its a total communist city. No property rights. Rich elite hypocrites. High taxes. It’s a hellhole. Take away all the people running it and it’s not so bad.

    • B y says:

      @Get Real or shoot on sight.

  5. Gilles 24 says:

    The Fall Of Rome

  6. Gerald Handsor says:

    He talks about what he saw…. What I saw on tv was.., Peacfull protesters being arrested, while looters were aloud to loot without police stopping them

  7. Domenic Grande says:

    You call this justice !! stealing, burning etc. give me a break,get a life people!!

    • Li Zhi says:

      Have fun talking about right and wrong…remember crowds are always dumb!!! Looting is a crime and everyone that loots should be arrested and the problem i see is that its not rly clear if it is a reaction because they are not heard by the gouvernment it much more looks like its looting by default. But most people that rightfully point that out are ignoring that politics ignore police violence since decades by default!! I dont know if i should hate antifa now or the president.. both sucks…
      Edit: im not american! It was just a question of time that something like that happens…if u feel endangered of being killed by the police for nothing maybe u feel a little bit different about the laws…just think about that

    • the rouge rapscallion says:

      @Li Zhi love freedom any body in government wants to control to both republican and Democrats want to run the plantation that is America and both offer to be better slave masters than the other

    • Mikula Mužić says:

      @WING CHUN stfu u degenerate, the actions you support are gonna create a new wave of fascism and hate towards blacks and also towards antifa, you are sheep for doing everything you should be doing so the goverment can have a legal basis for marshall law and create a fascist dictatorship because that is the only way for this stealing, looting and killings to stop.

    • Li Zhi says:

      @Guerrero Eddie i think the problem is that peaceful protesters are often pictured as millenial snowflakes that
      Dont know how the world works…and i get that 5th wave feminism is a pain in the ass but pointing out racial justice isnt wrong to me…

    • Guerrero Eddie says:

      @mimi R i know its not the protesters looting? thats not what i said your taking my words out of context… what im saying is why is the media tying black lives matter to the looters its not right blm protesters have a real cause they are protesting for im 100% for it.. as for judgement day coming sure i dont believe in the white mans religion so miss me with that bs too people looting are just acting a fool its not that deep girl im not against what your saying either tho

  8. Griffinfoxwolf says:

    & that’s why we can’t have nice things

  9. Malika Zaghouane says:

    After lockdow those guys can open a shop to sell all those stolen clothes 😆

  10. jedslather says:

    So riots in left controlled states, yeah time to clean up this mess.

  11. Raw Olympia says:

    COVIS soros partay special!!!

  12. s_xoxo says:


  13. Siouxanne Buehrer says:

    The Hallmark Card shop owner said the Father’s Day cards were left untouched.

  14. Vero7BH says:

    Too late Eric, resign already!

  15. Jonny562 says:

    10:38:44 goes from a half empty crystal museum to a “gutted” smoke shop smh

  16. White_ Hammer says:

    And I bet most of them probably did the same thing they just didn’t get caught on camera

  17. Mine Finder says:

    Another fake sign language interpreter in the background.

  18. Its_Zero says:

    “Why did USA Coronavirus infections rise again?”

    • Fishers of Men says:

      Don’t buy attention in the expense of America…smh

    • coinínbán says:

      @Jay Morgan what is your source for this? it seems there has yet to be a rise, while it is disproportionate who is getting the disease if you google the statistics.

    • Gianna Piza says:

      Let’s remember that before these protests there were these idiotic people saying ”I want a haircut, I want no more lockdown.” So don’t just blame it on people who are doing the same thing. Jesus Christ, I’m so glad I live in Canada.

    • Its_Zero says:

      @Gianna Piza I for real want hair cut my hair is annoying but I won’t risk my body just for a haircut, better I just shave it and be bald

    • oO dOdY75 Oo says:

      @Gianna Piza same here 🙂 on the map, USA is our underwear.

  19. mangekoo hull says:

    These politicians will never understand because they cant relate to every day people. This speech is B.S.

  20. ícҽís թհօҽղíx says:

    You humanoids are an EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG.


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