Live: SpaceX, NASA Launch U.S. Astronauts To International Space Station | NBC News

Live: SpaceX, NASA Launch U.S. Astronauts To International Space Station | NBC News

Watch live coverage as Elon Musk’s SpaceX and NASA make a second attempt at liftoff of a Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule with two U.S. astronauts. This is the first mission of its kind to the International Space Station in nearly a decade.

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Live: SpaceX, NASA Launch U.S. Astronauts To International Space Station | NBC News

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87 Responses

  1. Zakk Kershaw says:

    Will we see this in the sky in Manchester !?

  2. racerdude7730 says:

    Can’t wait till next year when NASA launches the big boy rocket SLS that will take us back to the moon. The largest and most powerful rocket ever built . If you look at a side by side the SLS makes this look like a toy. I can’t wait

  3. Scott Tweedie says:

    Saw it from scotland

  4. Mike S says:

    0/10 for having the anchor and reporter cut in just before the moment of launch. They should have let the radio transmissions and explanations from the spacex and NASA teams continue uninterrupted.

  5. Marco Cuellar says:

    Launch is at 6:10:10

  6. Capri Sun says:

    “Bob and Doug already moving at more than fifteen hundred miles an hour”
    Reporter – ” *17 THOUSAND MILES PER HOUR* “

    • Robert B says:

      Said 17,000 miles per hour a few times. kind of annoying

    • Sebastian Pennacchio says:

      Apparently nobody on here realizes that in order to get into orbit you have to travel at a speed of at least 17,600 mph.

    • Bradley Layton says:

      Good thing the reporters aren’t running the mission.

    • Robert B says:

      You do know that they enter orbit well below 17000 MPH. That speed is what is reached IN ORBIT. But anyways they reporter kept saying they were AT 17000 MPH when they were only at a few thousand KPH. That reported never said thats what they needed to reach.

    • YeeSoest says:

      IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!11

  7. Alysavos15650 says:

    yet people with turbo civic’s claim their acceleration is “superior”

  8. thesinaclwon says:

    🤣 everyone look away it’s showing the earth isn’t flat

  9. Riley XD says:

    And with this launch, the flat earthers have been proven wrong

    • trailbossdan1 says:

      Don’t wind them up

    • GazZy BwOi says:

      Proven wrong? Through the fish eye lens, the perfectly timed camera cut-off and typical CGI that can be spotted a mile away? Pfft! These phoney Never a Straight Answer guys lost my trust a long time ago. And when you see allllll the bull and the lies, you start to see what these evil monsters are truly about. And it definitely isn’t for the good of humanity.
      Frauds, scammers and evil, evil people at the top pulling the strings.
      Great show though 👏 😁

    • kim weaver says:

      Yet again.

    • sammmas says:

      @GazZy BwOi 😂😂 Classic flerf

    • MokrySutek says:

      @Holly Dolly maybe universe is flat 😀 haha

  10. Aesthetic • butterfly• says:

    I hope they will be safe for the 4 months they will be there and hope that they will land safely to

    I just want to say bob and Doug thank you for risking your life to get information about space I will be praying for you every day to tell god to keep you safe 🛸🌍🌙💫✨☄️👽👽👽👏👏

  11. Eric Prosch-Jensen says:

    “17,000 miles per hour” ROFL…. <3

  12. Nia Tab says:

    I frickin’ missed it! Aaaaugh! 😣
    I’m so glad the video can be watched anyways.

  13. Bryson White says:

    Bravo and Godspeed to our astronauts and scientists.

  14. Dunkin Donut says:

    Finally an amazing event that America can be proud of when we look back at 2020

    • Fresh Nel says:

      andres o Still Trump 2020

    • Dan Hitchman says:

      I don’t see how. It took us THIS LONG to put humans back into space, NASA has been hollowed out, space profiteering is the name of the game now. NASA gave us so much technology and shared it with the world when it was a not-for-profit venture. Now, they’ll only do it if there is private profit involved. That’s not only sad, but devastating to science and innovation.

    • Stephen says:

      Dan Hitchman without commercialization we wouldn’t really have space exploration as nobody thinks it’s important enough, it was good that the partnered with spaceex. Nasa is outdated and government is too slow

    • Dunkin Donut says:

      @Stephen our government is corrupt which is why we don’t have space related events anymore.
      Our government is constantly wasting tax payers money on stupid cases (like the 1000 cases against the president), and on people who do nothing. Instead they should be spending the money on biological and spacial research

    • andres o says:

      kruminio that’s your opinion but ok. From what i’ve seen trump has done a good job

  15. Norm Bour -Travel Younger says:

    So humbling as I recall all those Apollo launches in the 60’s when I was a kid. The Shuttle was also cool, but different and they became so common I stopped paying attention. The fact that a PRIVATE company has done this is truly amazing in so many ways, it’s been too long since we’ve been in space, kudos to everyone involved with this miracle in technology.

    • James W says:

      I, too, remember the Apollo program, and watching Americans walk on the moon all those years ago. Keep in mind that every piece of hardware from the early space program through Apollo was also designed and built by private companies, thousands of them. This is just the first time that the program hasn’t been controlled by NASA.

    • 6packter says:

      In the mean time yankee planted virus at Wuhan and Qom centre of Iran backfired and these tickets cannot save lost lives
      By the way, be more humbled when the world charge you with genocide and theft if native Americans lands and resources

    • Titus Cato says:

      The US has never stopped being in space, they’ve just been hitching a ride. It’s been a while since a manned launch has taken place on US soil.

    • Norm Bour -Travel Younger says:

      Good point Titus, I guess it’s nice to see us DEPART from our soil!

    • Titus Cato says:

      Norm Bour -Travel Younger. All good mate, congrats to Space X, NASA & the US from Brisbane Australia.👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  16. Doudymac says:

    6:12:36 17,000 MPH !!! Sir… This is “Falcon 9” not the “Millennium Falcon”. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  17. CryingHorn says:

    2020 might be the most roller-coaster year ever

  18. mbroderick1984 says:

    I’d be terrified. I see them as incredibly brave.

  19. Marvin Mejia says:

    Why don’t let people see the exact moment when that part of the dragon came to that platform..?

  20. YeeSoest says:

    America in a nutshell within one day:
    Incredible technical achievement: 50% unlocked
    Basic racial equality: Pending…

    • Karl Smith says:

      Every time we get ready to explore the cosmos, Civil Unrest rears its ugly head. At least God knows we”re trying.

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