LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic – 3 Point Shootout

LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic – 3 Point Shootout

Tune in every night this week at 7pm CST for the DP Quarantine Classic!
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Thanks for teaming up with us as we all band together in this challenging time! Be safe, be smart and be kind! We figured the least we could do was help with the sports! Love y’all! – Team DP

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51 Responses

  1. Dude Perfect says:

    Thanks for watching everyone! 
    Stay safe out there + DONATE to those in need!
    We’ll be back tomorrow at 7 PM CST!

  2. Appex _ says:

    Tyler: going rage monster

    Sparky: I challenge you to be as calm as me

  3. Darthsven16 says:

    Oh he misses!
    Oh he misses again!!

  4. Urban Zgonc says:

    Ty: misses a trickshot

    Me: didn’t know he could do that

  5. Matej Nukic says:

    When he said coby i felt that 😞

  6. Ricky says:

    DP have mastered themselves so well that it doesnt even feel like a live video…
    btw 50mil coming soon

  7. DogMan 2 says:

    0:31 I wanna know where he got that toilet paper

  8. Swopnil Sunder says:

    Hey sparky,
    Man you will do great commentary on NBA, That’s gonna be a win for you!
    And of course dudes, great spirit! Cheers for purple hoser!

  9. The Customary Progets says:

    Sparky: try replicate Jordan me: remembering when he scored 5 in a 3 comp

  10. Ibrahim Ali says:

    World around me : WE NEED TOILET PAPER


  11. Kxrim Ahmed says:

    Sparky at Garrett shooting : “He is a walking bucket”

  12. Bram Copermans says:

    20:23 legends has it, he’s still waiting for the high-five

  13. SPY -D says:

    Gareet: almost getting every shot
    Sparky: *Another one!*
    Dj khalid: yo i was suppose to say that

  14. Alyssa George says:

    I love that y’all are giving to those in need that makes me so happy!! I love y’all

  15. Tommyt says:

    99% of comments: we need toilet paper
    1% of comments: He’s a walking bucket

  16. Matthew Hines says:

    Corona: let’s cancel everything!
    Dude Perfect: No

  17. Mason Clark says:

    Garret: you just need to try to get second
    Also Garret: gets first

  18. Turtle 13 says:

    Tall guy beard twin purple hoser, Dude perfect in quarantine!
    Tall guy beard twin purple hoser
    Now where all in quarantine!

  19. Tomato DD says:

    Cody: 1 arm
    Tyler: rage monster
    Garrett: a walking bucket

  20. THE YEETSTER says:

    Announcer: He’s still finding his rythem.

    Me: But it’s round 4.

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