LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic – 3 v 3 Soccer

LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic – 3 v 3 Soccer

Tune in every night this week at 7pm CST for the DP Quarantine Classic!
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Thanks for teaming up with us as we all band together in this challenging time! Be safe, be smart and be kind! We figured the least we could do was help with the sports! Love y’all! – Team DP

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73 Responses

  1. The KingSlayer says:

    Garrett wearing a jersey with Toney on the back of it

  2. Chinmay Patil says:

    Dp giving a social message:
    “Save pandas and GIVE THEM EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES”🤣🤣🤣

  3. Patrick Barton says:

    Should I pogba it? Does exactly what he does… miss 😂

  4. HEMISH MADALA says:

    They are almost at 50 million subs
    They are only gonna reveal panda if they tiethepie which will take a long time
    How about revealing panda after hitting 50 million

  5. AwwwFriend says:

    “It was a kit tug”
    The wise words of someone who knows nothing about football

  6. Colson Wakamoto says:

    Imagine if Panda’s head came off live so everyone knew who it was

  7. Jaydeep Das says:

    My life would be so much better if I had a place like Dude perfect

  8. Richard Manoh says:

    I wish that I had that playground at my house😢

  9. Xd Mdm says:

    I wish i had something like this at home. Especially right now

  10. X-plosive Explosions says:

    Everyone: *stressing over hand sanitizer*
    Me an *intellectual : *Wears gloves*

    • avengednightmare1 says:

      Unless you throw away the gloves every time before you touch your face, and never touch the outside of them when removing them…. The gloves hold the same germs as your hands would… 🤨

  11. Thomas says:

    I can imagine every European subscriber is just crying about how bad they actually are at soccer 😨

  12. Άρης Παπασπύρου says:

    Always funny to watch Americans trying to play football😂

  13. PP Troller69 says:

    0:45 to 1:07 – Spark Struggling to put the Sanitizer in his Pocket…

  14. Alik Babayan says:

    As someone from England who plays football (soccer) this was painful to watch 😂

  15. Ian McCarville says:

    0:46 Legend says he’s still trying to get the hand sanitizer in his pocket

  16. vasilis koulouris says:

    this video hurts every european’s eyes😂

  17. L and G / Brilliant Bricks says:

    I hope they bring back “Games with Consequences”. I loved the Fifa one!
    DP, you are really doing a great thing!

  18. Aduro Lenzi says:

    When i see this tecnique as a footballer I’m crying

  19. James Merfen says:

    If blue team actually tried they would win 20-0

  20. Carson Travieso says:

    As a Liverpool fan seeing the jersey that Tyler was wearing I almost lost my eyesight

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