LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic – Golf Shootout

LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic – Golf Shootout

Tune in every night this week at 7pm CST for the DP Quarantine Classic!
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Thanks for teaming up with us as we all band together in this challenging time! Be safe, be smart and be kind! We figured the least we could do was help with the sports! Love y’all! – Team DP

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Comment: Who do you think has the best shooting form?

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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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48 Responses

  1. Josiah Gurney says:

    “Back to serious mode we are golfing.”

    Wait a minute, did TT just say that?

  2. It's your boy Grant says:

    me and my family are watching with pizza we love this it’s like the dude perfect playoffs we are waiting for the next one GREAT JOB DP 💪 stay safe everyone 🙏

  3. Mostly Money says:

    Hi me again if you like this you won’t get The corona!

  4. Noddy Garg says:

    No one:

    Tyler: There is a theme going on of cody complaining

    Everyone speak in there head: Has he forgot about his Rage monster moments😂😂😂

  5. Vloggin Vivaan says:

    I LOVE the ref he’s so real LIFE

  6. Alberto Jaramillo says:

    I don’t even like watching regular golf, but this had my attention the whole way.

  7. Gmoney99 says:

    When dude perfect reaches 50 million, panda should reveal himself

  8. jyl ewy says:

    No one:
    Absolutely none:
    Not even cory’s ‘chair’ from OT 14:
    Sparky: shocial media, no shocial, social!

  9. BoozkatimeRPG cotter says:

    35:24 the list says Cody is out and coby is in?!? wdym?

    Also I think panda was played by Chad most of the time.

  10. Brendaa_aan 23 says:

    Cody is better than me even with that injury of his 😂

  11. Aditi Aatmaja says:

    When dp reaches 50 million subscribers there should be a special episode

  12. Kayden Oath says:

    “I have 3 kids and he has none so he’s been hitting the golf lessons”

  13. Beau Kissinger says:

    6:05 “almost accidentally put it in the wrong hole”
    no comment

  14. Alexy Thomas says:

    30:18 Cody got eliminated according to the leaderboard but it was actually coby who got eliminated

  15. Preston Dwyer says:

    Did we just see a one-armed Cody almost beat Ty and everybody else?

  16. Barry Katz says:

    26:10 sounds like cobe is talking twice😂

  17. mompernl says:

    Ty: *throws dead cricket*
    Me: “how rude! Would you do that to a grandmothers ashes?”
    Me: “oh wait a minute…”

  18. The review Guy says:

    when dude perfect reaches 50 million, panda should reveal himself

  19. u look like a chicken nugget says:

    Dude perfect: we will try to post everyday!
    Everyone: yay! Woohoo!

  20. Alex A says:

    Everyone making fun of Coronavirus

    Dude Perfect: making their own canned beans

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