LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic – Spikeball

LIVE: The DP Quarantine Classic – Spikeball

Thanks for tuning in every night this week at 7pm CST for the DP Quarantine Classic! Tonight we close it out with Spikeball!
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Thanks for teaming up with us as we all band together in this challenging time! Be safe, be smart and be kind! We figured the least we could do was help with the sports! Love y’all! – Team DP

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Bonus points if you’re still reading this!
Comment: Who do you think wins spikeball?

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42 Responses

  1. Rehan Qureshi says:

    6:44 they changed their shoes..

  2. Connor S says:

    My random notes:
    – Sparky was an incredible announcer these 4 days
    – Gotta love the effort from Cody with his injury
    – Cory choked in the final couple shots of the 3rd game and made up for it in OT🔥
    – TT’s serve was insane
    – Garrett lacked the drive in the game but he showed out for the other 3 days so i forgive him
    – Coby won hockey, so that’s cool
    – Sparkys dance after the outro🤣

  3. Alice Ai says:

    33:47 Coby got left hanging by Ty 😂😂

  4. Real One says:

    I really like these live competitions would like more

  5. Katelyn Lowry says:

    33:46 coby gets rejected HARD 😂🤣

  6. Jarrid Franke says:

    You guys should do more events like this. I had a blast watching you guys every night when i got home, thanks for the entertainment!

  7. Finton Allen says:

    33:47 coby got left hanging

  8. Wolverage says:

    can we talk about how cody said “thats a rim job” rofl

  9. Md Rauf says:

    Waiting for something really special on the 50 million subscriber special moment

  10. Audric Kaindra says:

    how we’re supposed to shake hands

  11. Charlie Lawton says:

    Everybody 1 meter away : can’t tell
    Derek 1 mile away : point red hit garret

  12. Nataniel Munthe Johannesen says:

    27:44 Wasn’t that a miss?

  13. Curtis Runions says:

    It was 21 20 the second round

  14. Carolina Jackson says:

    A am sooooooooooooooo sad that this is over

  15. tinhtoo aung says:

    33:47 don’t think we didn’t see that Coby

  16. SamiGod da Narwhale says:

    When Cody said about the only sporting event, that kinda got me thinking

  17. Marc Mitchell says:

    I like how they never high five each other but they are slapping the same ball for 45minutes

  18. Alexander Riggelsen says:

    33:46 look at coby😂

  19. Martin Castro says:

    Every time TT is with Coby: TT makes a great play Coby ruins it.

  20. Jack Herncall says:

    33:47- Coby tried to hi-five ty but ty ignored him😂😂

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