LIVE: Violence erupts in Los Angeles amid protests over death of George Floyd

LIVE: Violence erupts in Los Angeles amid protests over death of George Floyd

Violence erupted in the Fairfax District of Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon amid protests over the death of George Floyd.

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73 Responses

  1. ThreePhaseHigh says:

    This is exactly what happens when the media continually lie to you or us . They sit there and lie to us night after night after night and tell us what we should be thinking.

  2. Bernard Hauhnar says:

    Perfect way to spread covid 19

  3. H. S mukonho says:

    Business owners loving their insurance agencies

    • M Cop says:

      Most policies exclude damage due to rioting and civil unrest. These businesses will have to pay for any damages.

    • D B says:

      Most insurance premiums will not cover this. In fact, most have terminology that excludes coverage under such circumstances. Why do you think these business owners are standing guard with firearms?

    • Nathan Johnson says:

      @M Cop They need to call a state of emergency or natural disaster to help recoup the cost of these pathetic rioters.

    • Indigo Sparkle says:

      Are you kidding me? Insurance wont cover this shit. The irony of these anarchists destroying black owned businesses is painful.

  4. kesayo says:

    if after all this we don’t see a spike in Covid in all these big cities, we should pretty much end the lock down.

  5. Addendum Kebic says:

    Mayor just wanted to open the LA shopping district when the BLM beat him to it!!!

  6. SuperSonic1116 says:

    The protests are starting to seem to have the same effectiveness as the police, cause fear and damage and after it’s done they don’t plan on correcting the damage

    • Wayne Dome says:

      This is not a police problem, this is a Liberal Democratic issue. They encourage people to fight the police but forget they control the police. It was a Democratic-run city county state that hired and kept this bad cop. The last10 police problems have ALL been under the Full control of The Democrats. L.A. Chicago, Detroit, Michigan, on and on and on, Each and everyone has been Fully run by Democrats. Hey I know lets Blame Trump the News will help.

    • The Struggle Is Real says:

      The world cant change without action the people are simply repaying all the years of violence and fear, you get what you give

  7. Weston White says:

    1:32 Nobody talking about how this guy is like 7 feet tall?

  8. ᜉᜒᜇ᜔ᜎᜐ᜔ ᜈᜅ᜔ ᜐᜎᜅᜈ᜔ says:

    CCP must be: “alright then, now is our time to attack”

  9. Orchestra Brothers says:

    What a Sick life in USA 🗡🤯

  10. ORABYMA SilverAngel says:

    When the shooting starts
    The Revolution Begins

    • saltydogcody0 says:

      Yeah wow what a great way to honor a dead man. I’m sure he is real happy that innocent people are suffering.

    • Jose Rodriguez says:

      Not all cops are bad only 99.9%. You probably White

    • Jose Rodriguez says:

      You sound white. Just shut the fuck up. Chicken shit

    • saltydogcody0 says:

      Jose Rodriguez now you are using a mans death to spew hate speech. And we all have the right to free speech.

    • Be Neu says:

      @Terran Rush The US Government is like the Cruel British Government at the time, and the American people are like the colonists, the real protesters. Have you forgotten the Boston Tea Party?!!! Today’s protesters are like those people.

  11. series 9 says:

    So if there’s too many protesters in their estimation then it’s ok to disperse them?

    • Bud Knightz says:

      And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit unto the measure of his life? (Matthew 6:27)

    • Donald Trump says:

      series 9 try that shit around my home or business and you are right it won’t end peaceful. You will be lying on the concrete while your “friends” run for their life. Ask yourself do you want to die today for a staged police encounter. The cop and George Floyd worked together at the same club. Race baiting asshole will get what they deserve.

    • Donald Trump says:

      Nathan Johnson divided is the wrong word. The correct term is dead and the shooter will be in the right.

    • philais says:

      Pearls Nails Supply at 7724 Melrose , Los Angeles, CA is the korean business that was burned down by the Racist BLM gang… different than last time the blacks rioted.

    • series 9 says:

      deezy 1 in all of history this is how change happens it’s ugly and dirty and the origination will be lost but the ball will move no simple sign carrying ever worked only this has galvanized the nation only this will affect everyone’s lives and from this we’ll see change check your history hell look at the history of the United States look at civil rights or even slavery no change without conflict

  12. Martin Dretts says:

    I think, that it is a revolution, reminds me of the recent riots in Chile

  13. Itze Louise says:

    most convenient thing, everybody has masks now…

  14. Joe Dirt says:

    29:50 “GEOGE”BTW

  15. Tonya Comeaux says:

    All those young people out there would learn something from the people speaking here from experience, but they won’t listen I’m sure. This generation coming is largely without God and I pray that would change because if we think things are bad now, I promise they will get oh so much worse.

  16. DontGetMadd says:

    love and peace 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌

  17. POC POC says:


    Let the whole world know that this is just bs.

    • Nathan Johnson says:

      This is all BS. Rioters pent up at home for the past 3 months, tempers ready to explode at the government and they just wanted ONE reason. George Floyd’s death was just that reason and I call BULLSHIT on all of it. Half these people don’t even know what they are rioting for. They just follow like sheep.

    • Joseph Johnson says:

      @Nathan Johnson facts

    • biggreenleaf says:

      The thing that gets me is that when they destroy others property, they are affecting people who had nothing to do with what your rioting against

    • KitCat Kitten says:

      biggreenleaf IKR! Those police offers were probably good. Think about officers, they help us be safe. And this is how we repay them?

  18. Cailyn W says:

    Perfect way to spread Covid-19

  19. janine wetzler says:

    ….just more COVID-19 infections coming for next week, that’s all I see here…

  20. Ezway Ocho says:

    Wait until they say EVERYONE has the “virus” now, & MANDATORY 💉💉💉

    Check ☑️ and Mate!

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