LiveLeak – Bizarre accident with vehicle tail left in air by unknown force

LiveLeak – Bizarre accident with vehicle tail left in air by unknown force

Cause is still under investigation.
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20 Responses

  1. Krazie Mr.syko says:

    it was donald trump receiving his small lone of a millon dollas. it was
    such a small lone that it caused an earth quake that exact spot. better put
    up a wall so no Chinese come in with their levitating cars.

  2. Best of the Best says:

    Ignorant morons. Its like a cable or rope

  3. Josh Warren says:

    What the fuck?

  4. Anthony Aliseo says:

    It’s a glitch in the Matrix!

  5. Niclacoste says:

    The Force Awakens

  6. Clow Ib says:

    Another glitch in the matrix

  7. tom toms says:

    Climate change

  8. Emiliano Diaz moreno says:

    sólo les digo dos palabras oxlack investigador

  9. tristinatr says:

    Must be something to do with the air quality, it’s giving people special
    invisible strengths.

  10. Allan Gomez says:


  11. Jester2b04 says:

    Call Agent Moulder and Scully, they’ll figure this one out.

  12. Hardest Rampage says:

    Glad to see China’s hyped for Star Wars

  13. Eddie king says:

    Some one that has PSYCHIC POWER , GOKU ? MEWTWO ? lol

  14. antonio alvarez says:


  15. ‫الحربي KSA‬‎ says:

    هل من مترجم

  16. Paul Mulkey says:

    car balloons got caught in a wire tangle on a chinese movie set…next

  17. Praxic Fire says:

    Got it!!!!! Teleporting and time traveling alien bears from Canada (the
    planet not the country)

  18. PikenEl says:

    who farted?

  19. Squirrelflaps says:

    RELAX, relax. Everyone relax. It was a failed missile launch. Just like the
    UF-, missile in Cali. – Goverment

  20. Vishal Deepak says: