LiveLeak – Crazy Man Set Fire To Gas Station To Kill Spider

LiveLeak – Crazy Man Set Fire To Gas Station To Kill Spider

Using a lighter to kill the bug, he started a blaze that quickly engulfed the gas pump.

He somehow escaped serious injury and the gas station’s damage was contained to one pump, which was destroyed. The incident was recorded at a Center Line gas station.

Employee Susan Adams kept calm and hit the gas automatic stop button and quickly called the Center Line fire department.

The man grabbed a nearby extinguisher and put out the flames before firefighters arrived. Later he admitted what he did, saying he spotted a spider on his gas tank and because he’s deathly afraid of the critters.

He pulled out his lighter and decided to burn it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what happened next.

Employees at the gas station have been having fun with the video ever since.

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20 Responses

  1. Jesus Sandoval says:

    that guy should of burned in that fire not the spider

  2. Rubbing Everything says:

    Probably it was my mixtape that started the fire

  3. Aiden K says:

    Best part is that this was in the UK xD Haha. so “STUPID Americans” now hu?

  4. Hyoah Jeon says:

    this man….. IS AMAZING!!!!!!

  5. BPJ John (HEADCRAB ZOMBIE) says:

    the idea probably worked great in his head, not so much in reality though

  6. Elegant Fart says:

    This is a perfect example of why we should all be extra careful around gas
    stations. We don’t give a second thought to these dangers because it’s so

  7. dark black says:

    how do you know it was a spider?

  8. BWGgy says:

    DAMN NATURE, YOU SCARY! At least he knew how to use a fire extinguisher

  9. Acrltt says:

    If this was in Australia it may have been the right move

  10. Uriel Carrillo says:

    Ha i would totaly do the same thing

  11. yourlocalkorean says:

    i feel him on that

  12. Debauchery Dude says:

    The common sense is strong with this one…

  13. ZzMac1996zz2 says:

    wow, that spider probably has more brain cells than him

  14. AxialTangent says:

    kill it with fire

  15. RachelArtist says:


  16. Carmen M. says:


  17. Lirst Fast says:


  18. minhmeoquay says:

    any news about spider?

  19. GMNK_ Gaming says:

    I hope he got the spider…

  20. 101nobrainers says:

    i need to get away from these country rednecks