Liverpool 2-0 Porto: Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

Liverpool 2-0 Porto: Champions League Recap with Goals and Best Moments

All the highlights from Anfield as goals from Naby Keita and Roberto Firmino saw Liverpool take control of their Champions League quarter-final.

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68 Responses

  1. Son Guko says:

    First … congratulations for all liverpool fans …

  2. はらまはま says:

    Liverpool was good today. BUT, they should scoring more goals.

  3. joshua akotia says:

    Ah Porto lemme think of a joke

    City lost not a good joke right

    Ya call that defending??

  4. ReAllyNoWay says:

    Marega needs to stay cool. Dude kept missing nonstop.

  5. Hongzhao Guwalgiya says:

    poor Shaqiri…

    • Silent Kill says:

      I love Shaq but everyone made him seem like he is the greatest to ever dribble a ball when he scored those 3 lucky goals

    • Jose Martinez says:

      Silent Kill he was about to come in but then the referee ended the game

    • Silent Kill says:

      +Jose Martinez oh ok didnt see that part

    • joshua akotia says:

      +Jose Martinez lol

    • Not Banished Indian says:

      People say he brings an element of chaos, when they need it to be calm and composed. In my opinion, he is a professional soccer player, regardless of how he plays, I think it would be best for the team if he played. He is creative and explosive, and brings a much needed energy into the attack. There isnt enough creativity in the midfield and he can supply that. I dont understand why he has not played in so long

  6. Peter Gaied says:

    love the man, but salah is wasting so many opportunities by not passing

    • Humza Uddin says:

      Jose Guadalupe Anaya Loera grow up. Check Salahs assist totals and it will clearly tell you he’s a team player.

    • Not Banished Indian says:

      I dont know if you remember, but in the early stages of the season, people were saying Salah was being too unselfish, and that he needed to pass the ball less and show a willingness to go to goal more. As soon as he does that, he gets attacked? I’m sure Salah does not mind the media criticizing him at this point because they will criticize no matter what he does. But people cannot seem to decide what they want from him. Personally, I dont care if he passes or shoots as long as he is trying his hardest to help the team. I mean, let the man get in his bag. No one attacks Harry Kane or Ronaldo nearly as much as they do Salah. And he passes more than both of those players. I think for Ronaldo it’s different because he has been selfish for so long we just expect it. But no one should be attacking Salah.

    • Not Banished Indian says:

      +Jose Guadalupe Anaya Loera I have to disagree with your opinion on him passing to firmino. In that counter attack, Salah carried the ball 50 meters, as he should have done, because no one was stepping up to make a tackle. Had Salah passed to firmino while the other team were tracking back, Firmino would have to rely on his average pace to get around the defender. Then, he would be forced to shoot with his weaker foot at a tighter angle than if Salah had just kept the ball. Furthermore, Salah opened up an angle to shoot on his strong foot. The opportunity was never really there for firmino. He was simply a decoy in the counter attack, and there is nothing wrong with that. There is no reason to force a pass when a decent opportunity comes for a known goalscorer. In my opinion, Salah made the right choice, and it would still be the right choice even if he missed.

    • Peter Gaied says:

      +Advenco loll relax. I didn’t say he was having a bad season nor did I say he sucks at making good passes nor did I say he should pass more. I said he is WASTING opportunities by not passing when passing is the superior option.

    • Advenco says:

      Peter Gaied tell me one scenario with any player in which that isn’t true. Thanks for stating the obvious.

  7. Krishna Sreenivasan says:

    salah trying to recreate Robben’s goal vs. Dortmund in CL Final

  8. collateroL says:

    Poor Casillas, his team couldn’t defend for their lives

  9. Azarr Johnson says:

    This Commentator is legendary?♥️ FIFA 05

  10. The wise Abud says:

    So many missed opportunities for liverpool could have been an easy 5:0

  11. Abraar Jamaluddin says:

    I know he’s ins’t in the best of form, but salah has got to finish that (1:47)

  12. Jabran Khan says:

    Firmino has one of the sleekest touches in world football!

  13. izzojunior says:

    Porto filling in the champions league quota as usual…ppfff

  14. Molito Eto says:

    Keita finally hopefully he keep it keep it up

  15. Farhad Liaquat says:

    Had marega scored on that great chance he had atleast Porto would have some hope going back home for the second leg

  16. Dodge Charger rt red in black Dodge Charger rt says:

    Things would’ve got better if hector Herrera was in the field..Porto fans youu know what I’m talking about

    • Big Chungus says:

      Porto fans? You mean mexico fans

    • Moises Garcia says:

      Dodge Charger rt red in black Dodge Charger rt haha Herrera wouldn’t have done shit

    • Dodge Charger rt red in black Dodge Charger rt says:

      Moises Garcia bro are you serious right now looks like u don’t watch soccer or even know about soccer..That’s okay if that’s you’re opening dude Herrera should a lot of improvement over pass years he had scored and took Porto to the finals and yes I’m pretty sure he would change the game if he would’ve played

  17. fcporto porto says:

    2004 maybe … Liverpool way to strong for my fcporto

  18. Matthew Velez says:

    it really seemed like Marega was the only player attacking, and his chances were basic. The manager should’ve played a more attacking formation.

  19. Alex Kim says:

    Who remembers the glory days of casillias

  20. Little Biits says:

    And people said Keita was the worst signing in Liverpool history…

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