Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona (4-3 agg.): Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona (4-3 agg.): Champions League Recap with Highlights, Goals, and Best Moments

Liverpool pulled off one of the great Champions League comebacks, defeating Barcelona 4-0 for a 4-3 aggregate victory in the last four.

Divock Origi scored the opener early on and Liverpool led at the interval.

Two strikes in two second-half minutes from Gini Wijnaldum stunned Barcelona and levelled the tie.

And a quick corner from Trent Alexander-Arnold caught the visitors napping, allowing Origi to score the all-important fourth.

The Reds return to the final for a second straight season, and will meet the winners of Ajax vs. Tottenham, who face off on Wednesday.

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71 Responses

  1. 1017 brick squad says:

    Damn congrats Liverpool and damn Barca this one that you’ll never forget

  2. Ed Wood says:

    From a BVB fan, congrats for this amazing well deserved win, beautiful soccer and amazing team! 🙂

  3. tin can says:

    It’s been since 2014 that no other club has won the Champions League other than Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    • pepe0801 says:

      +lircoc Juve lost with CR7

    • ken0746 says:

      +loatyty so Liverpool was trash without Salah??

    • Gerardo Portillo says:

      As much as i hate r madrid. Theyll be back. Theyll buy whoever they have to haha

    • Chadd Mills says:

      +Druchksalah had positioning, Ramos literally came from behind. Hooked arms, got beat off the ball, then dragged him down with arms locked breaking Salah’s shoulder. Ramos is one of the best defenders in the world but he plays very dirty as well.

    • 07maitai says:

      And now they’re both sitting at home watching from the couch.

  4. sycoismyname says:

    Barcelona: never wear white in camp nou

    Liverpool: never wear yellow in anfield

  5. Tumbi Mtika says:

    Another magical European night, courtesy of Liverpool.

    Onto Madrid.

  6. Dominick Camuti says:

    Valverde: don’t give up 4
    Klopp: score 4 goals

    Liverpool: NEVER WALK ALONE

  7. Drew Laroo says:

    Barcelona: Madrid is finally out! We’ve got a 3-0 lead! They’re even missing Salah! We’re heading to the finals!

    Klopp: Hold my beer

    • conni70 says:

      you mean Ronaldo…? Ronaldo is finally out..that’s probably more likely their thought process…

    • Oscar Villarreal says:

      Yeah, and Ferminho isn’t playing either! We have it in the bag!

    • Michael Francis Tapia says:

      Lmao from a Chilean Vidal fan, enjoy it you lads deserve it…much respect to all Liverpool

    • tdav2c says:

      Lol what have learned last night? Never count Liverpool out even if they play their u21 team.

  8. Olimjon Alimov says:

    Incredible thinking by Trent Alexander-Arnold on the corner kick.

  9. LaloOof says:

    Imagine if Liverpool wins the champions league and the premier league title

    • Kevin V says:

      Ajax will destroy Liverpool’s ass tho

    • Andres Garcia says:

      Gaming bro Liverpool going to get knocked out by ajaxor totehnman

    • Michael Francis Tapia says:

      At this point Ajax deserves it just as much as Liverpool

    • TruMoo says:

      +Andrew Roman Tottenham is garbage?Have you seen your team???

    • itiswhatitis 9 says:

      +TruMoo mate ? shut your poor ass up. What has your team ever done in their existence. Kane will leave you guys soon. Then what ? You can get champions league all you want but let’s be honest here your not capable of winning it. Even with your best team in the history of your club won’t win it. Like how sad is it to support your team. Always pull up short . You most be “special” to be like oh yeah Spurs is the team I support ?? hope times get better for you

  10. Vu Nguyen says:

    Like it if you think No. 66 is the best player in this match.
    Love Liverpool
    Love Alexander 🙂

  11. Dah Bay says:

    That fourth goal was the best Champions League goal of the season.

    Liverpool fan: like
    Barca fan: comment

  12. Shangles 2003 says:

    Messi: we are bringing the champions league home

    Liverpool: hold my beer

  13. Jo Things says:

    Both Liverpool players came through for the team, Suarez and Coutinho.

    • awychoi says:

      That shot from Suarez, it’s like he didn’t intend to score with such a low power shot from close range…

  14. x d says:

    Just look at 4:10 this 300 IQ play ??

  15. GOAL says:

    Suarez was right. He wasn’t going to celebrate at Anfield today *when he scores.*
    Man of his words.

  16. Azazel says:

    Trents corner kick was clever asf like seriously ? *SNEAK 100*

  17. GOAL says:

    PSG: We are the biggest bottle jobs

    Barcelona: Hold my beer

    • Jonathan Baeza says:

      GOAL PSG still on top cause Man U beat them but Barcelona is creeping up on them with their results these couple of years.

    • Jake Delhinski says:

      +Jonathan Baeza That’s the bad part about this, is that if we keep doing this we will be laughing bottle stocks just like PSG are. We really need to step up and stop taking every first leg home win for granted.

    • Son Gohan says:

      nope barca did it two years in a row theyre officially on top for worst game plans alive, and worst bottle jobs

    • MX GOAT says:



  18. Duy Tran Hoang says:

    The last goal – When players uses their brains instead of their strengths.
    Well-played Liverpool

  19. Biniam Gaming says:

    Legend says Barcelona are still waiting for the corner to be taken

  20. Ben E says:

    That what makes football number one sport and fascinating“ unpredictable “

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