Liverpool v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/24/19 | NBC Sports

Liverpool v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/24/19 | NBC Sports

A masterful brace from Mohamed Salah made the difference at Anfield as Liverpool cruised past the Gunners in a big-six clash. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Liverpool #Arsenal
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Liverpool v. Arsenal | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/24/19 | NBC Sports

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90 Responses

  1. Fiyin1 says:

    Salah is just ridiculous when he’s in this kind of form.

    Fabinho dominated that midfield. He is a monster.

  2. Mr WingDing says:

    Salahs a two season wonder…

    OH WAIT.

    • louis david Nicoue says:

      In 7 years when he retires, they will be like he is a seven season wonder

    • Mr WingDing says:

      @louis david Nicoue pretty much lol

    • BMWMED1 says:

      Actually its 1 very good season and 2 good seasons in 9 professional seasons. Right now hes trending downward. 10 less goals last season with many penalties. Lets not get out of hand here. Mane is clearly the better player.

    • Csokops10 says:

      @BMWMED1 absolutely not. Smh. I’d take Salah over Mane any day of the week. Salah was great in both his years at Liverpool and he was great at Roma as well he just wasn’t the goal scorer he is now. Learn the game you watch idiot.??‍♂️

    • Gep Puardiola says:

      Manes better

  3. Nathan Burris says:

    the scoreline dosent do justice just how much liverpool absolutley ruled this game

    • Jolly Geezer says:

      Slayer & Liverpool not saying we would of had a chance, but unai needed to swap out willock and xhaka for torreira and lacazette for the starting 11. We had too many central players to attack with width

    • Ed McGuigan says:

      @El Buki Arsenal has their opportunities in the first half.

    • phily ossai says:


    • Slayer & Liverpool says:

      And do what? Try and run with a Liverpool attack? Listen, there is really only 1 team that can run with Liverpool and that’s City. I’m not putting down Arsenal, honest. But when you have Robertson and Alexander-Arnold who are probably some of the best crossers in the game AND crossing into a box with Virgil,Mo,Sadio,and Roberto it’s tough to keep up. I understand why you want to attack. Because its almost impossible to slow down this Liverpool team. I like Arsenals direction. They have two great Scores in Aubameyang & Pepe. I’m interested to see how they fair against teams like the Spurs who BTW I am not sold on and believe it or not, Wolverhampton. They are alot better than people give them credit for. I’m looking forward to this season. Arsenal have a great chance at a top 3 finish and certainly a CL birth.

    • Javier Landaverde says:

      @Slayer & Liverpool Arsenal have proper attacking fullbacks in Bellerin and Tierny, both still getting into shape after injuries. Niles and Monreal won’t cut it. To finish off looked like Emery wanted both Arnold and Robertson to attack so he can hit Van Dijk and Matip on a counter with either Auba or Pepe knowing Adrian is error-prone. Almost happened three times but both players fluffed there chances.

  4. Vishnu Tadimeti says:

    A narrow diamond formation and playing Lacazette only 10 mins? What was Emery thinking?!

  5. mountainhobo says:

    Luiz is not the brightest bulb in the firmament, is he?

    • Javier Landaverde says:

      I said before, him and Sokratis is not a good pairing. Luiz needs a speedy defender to cover his ground when he lunges forward. Or Sokratis needs a protege like Holding when they had a great partnership last season before holding torn all.

    • Javier Landaverde says:


    • Tasin Bhuiyan says:

      Javier Landaverde arsenal needs holding, their partnership (Sok and hold) was scary

  6. Steven Isenman Dumas says:

    Man david luiz out here looking like a mls defender

  7. Rif Klein says:

    Can someone tell me how long is a season in Egypt ??? They have been calling him one season wonder but it has been three years and he’s still amazing us haha ?

  8. David Ellis says:

    Liverpool absolutely owned Arsenal. What a thrashing.

  9. elegate87 says:

    You have to give it Liverpool and their high press didn’t really gave Arsenal much room to breath.

  10. Tru Gambit says:

    Keeping laca and torreira out was a horrible decision. Van dyk cannot be beat with speed alone laca would have done better in 1 v1 situations and better passing

  11. Just Another Random Guy says:

    As a Liverpool fan, Pepe is an absolute beast and is very quick, use him properly Arsenal….

    • Carsen Mcdaniel says:

      @AV Gaming He’s already been a pro for several years playing in a top league. He is hitting his prime… He’s hardly a kid. You guys act like you signed a teenage prodigy.

    • Tuyen Hoang says:

      Nah pepe can run but that’s about it lol. He got so many chances but didn’t know what to do

    • Merveil Meok says:

      Tuyen Hoang That’s stupid thinking. Do you know what happened out there? Liverpool was dominating the game all day, and Pepe had no support except Aubameyang. Stop your Vietnamese sh8t. You don’t know football.

    • Tuyen Hoang says:

      @Merveil Meok already calling out my nationality to distract your retardation? Oh ok ?

    • Rod Battler says:

      Arsenal has a serious lack of midfield players.

  12. Mohit Garg says:

    David luiz was supposed to stabilize the Arsenal backline lol

  13. Isaac Ofori says:

    Liverpool absolutely destroyed Arsenal, even tho the score line says 3-1, and also why didn’t Emery start laca ?? ?

    • Stars Are Angels says:

      Arsenal played very well in the first half though.

    • Sharmake Abdikadir says:

      Isaac Ofori I know but arsenal could have scored at least 3 goals and Liverpool just want to cross cross cross arsenal and Liverpool both played boring plays arsenal Parked the bus as usually against big guns and Liverpool just kept crossing like they wanted to kill a bird or something ?‍♂️?

    • KruelGamerM _MYT says:

      Destroyed… I didn’t think so the result last year was destruction! We were way better today but Unai had gotten EVERYTHING WRONG

    • Lord Brain says:

      @Isaac Ofori yeah they should’ve played Laca, Auba and Pepe as a front three

    • Clownan around says:

      Arsenal didnt play with starters soon enough

  14. SheMoansJake TM says:

    Nothing new just Liverpool destroying Arsenal again.

  15. polyglot8 says:

    David “Howler” Luiz. Sorry, I still can’t get that Germany 7 Brazil 1 game out of my head, where he was front and center. Some things just don’t change.

  16. ostropogas k says:

    Comrade luiz doing a fine job infiltrating arsenals backline?

  17. Ronaldinho10 says:

    Liverpool: Fullbacks are key to their attack
    Emery: “let’s play a narrow formation!”

    • Ron says:

      Right?! Even I was baffled and I’m a liverpool fan! Why would you give TAA and Robertson space on the wings to cross it in? You make it too easy for the Mané Robertson overlap or TAA Salah overlap! However I wish LFC had acquired Pepe dude is gonna be something special

    • Advenco says:

      They were lucky that Robertson and Trent didn’t have their crossing boots today.

    • NJsfinest732LKW says:

      Maitlan niles is a cm and monreal is at the end of his career

    • cecildixon19 says:

      It’s easier for Arsenal to defend Liverpool crosses than in an open space against Salah, Mane and Firmino

    • Javier Landaverde says:

      @Ron Why on earth would Pepe go to Liverpool if Mane, Salah, and Firmino are secured. He wanted to go to a team that offers money and starting time.

  18. darwin santos says:

    This was probably the worst line up emery could have chosen

  19. STAN.P channel says:

    I can see Mo salah activate the Messi mode on the 3rd goal.

    I can see David Luiz activate the Bakayoko mode throughout the whole game

  20. Edson Pacheco says:

    One thing that Rafa Benitez has proved while at Chelsea, was that Davis Luiz is not a proper CB… He’s more of a Holding Midfielder

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