Liverpool v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/14/19 | NBC Sports

Liverpool v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/14/19 | NBC Sports

Check out the extended highlights between Liverpool and Chelsea during Premier League Matchweek 34. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Liverpool #Chelsea
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Liverpool v. Chelsea | PREMIER LEAGUE EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | 4/14/19 | NBC Sports

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72 Responses

  1. Dinorami says:

    Perfect response by Salah after that disgusting chant.

  2. Mohamed Aweis says:

    The best way to silence those (Chelsea fans) who said salah is a bomber. This is the best rocket ? of the year ??

    • TheBarroomHero321 says:


    • Memegod11 says:

      Not all Chelsea fans said it though it gives Chelsea a bad name

    • Britton Porter says:

      World class goal, but Andros Townsend ‘s banger against city has goal of the season.

    • silloweet says:

      Don’t wrap all of us with those bastards

    • uCan't be Serious says:

      Britton Porter I don’t know about world class. Harry Kane did the exact same thing against Rui Patricio, who was better positioned than Kepa and Kane isn’t left footed. Kane’s goal wasn’t world class to me and neither is this one. Salah is world class though, but watch what you say. Some people will hound you for it and use it as ‘s defense because of exactly the reason I just provided.

  3. TheSpecialOnes - Comedy and more says:

    Disgusting Chelsea fans. Calling salah a bomber! The only thing he bombed is your top 4 hopes

  4. Sarvarbek Ismailov says:

    They called him bomber and he bombed chelsea???

  5. Idris Ali says:

    Who agrees that hazard was the only threat for liverpool

    • Brandon Barrales says:

      +Antony Kariuki yes defiantly fooled with Liverpool’s defence but he didn’t do anything to Virgil he would switch LB and most of the play occurred on the right 2nd half where Liverpool’s defence were getting destroyed on just a couple occasions with Virgil van dijk relying on his teammates to get the job done he can’t do everything as in cover everyone on his defence half which is one of the many qualities of great defenders relying in teammate

    • Ismail Abdukadir says:

      Hazard is a great talented player and he is always a threat to every team. I wonder why he wasted his time in Chelsea if he would be in big team like Real or Barca, he would win awards. Hazard is the most underrated talented player I have ever seen, in my idea he is not actually less than Neymar or Ronaldo or Messi. but he is soo stupid to waste his time in Chelsea.

    • Antony Kariuki says:

      +Brandon Barrales you clearly do not understand defensive schemes.
      Central defenders responsibility is to organize his line such that if either wings get exposed it the center job to sniff off the danger by making up for the wingbacks faults. But after Hazard fooling with the wingbacks not once but on three occasions Van got caught wrong footed as well.
      Allison facing Hazard one on one is in reality is a much worse position than any of pool defenders Van included loosing 1v1 against Hazard, but with cover behind him, however Van failed three times to cover for his wingbacks. It was equally his faults as the wingbacks Allison was left at the mercy of the post and a poor Hazard connection to the ball.
      Van is a really good defender for this day and age of football but I guarantee you he would be average back in days when league was spoiled with offensive wildbeasts, Chelsea coming at him with Drogba, Lampard and Robben Arsenal attacking him with, Henry, Bergkamp and Pires not to mention United throwing kitchen sick at him with Nilstrooy, Ronaldo, Scholes and Giggs.
      You may say Hazard did not score or whatever but on two of those occasions Allison was clearly beaten but for the goal post mercy and a shot that Hazard was unlucky didn’t his foot did not make a good connection with the ball resulting to a much weaker shot.

    • Brandon Barrales says:

      +Antony Kariuki I can’t disagree with you on that one he should have kinds helped out the back line more and etc.

    • Antony Kariuki says:

      +Brandon Barrales peace, you are class act man. I enjoy your back and forth with me no name calling no angry outbursts just facts and common sense reasoning. It was fun man.

  6. Diego Kingston says:

    Fabinho the reason the top three have been freeing up as of lately and scoring. What a player

  7. iKnney says:

    egyptian king doesnt sound right. I prefer Pharaoh

    • Shady8 Rezk says:

      +Geologically just for your records pharaoh is NOT a name, its an adjective name to describe the person statue. Like the president and the king, actually pharaoh means king in hieroglyphics. The ancient Egyptians used to say that about their king. So there’s too many kings ( pharaohs) in our history, and ofcorse there’s the good and the bad.

    • Shady8 Rezk says:

      Not everything has to be about religion. In the end its just a relationship between the person and his god. So please stop this ringtone!

    • Geologically says:

      Shady8 Rezk I doubt he would enjoy that name. I know it’s not a real name. In Islam he’s regarded as pharaoh.

    • Joshua Brown says:


    • Dan Thomas says:

      i think that only applies to females

  8. D G says:

    Chelsea has been diagnosed with a Bipolar issue.

  9. Zak Ali says:

    Hopefully, Kante leaves Chelsea those fans don’t deserve him after disgusting chant towards Mohamed Salah.

    • Suh Dude says:

      Zak Ali
      Agreed, Kanté should definitely leave he’s to good for Chelsea, he belongs in a top team.

    • Apex Soccer 96 says:

      George Weah you’re missing the point dipshit. Of course not all Chelsea fans are racist but he’s saying that players that are black and Muslim shouldn’t stand or defend the colors of a team that has those sorts of fans. One bad apple spoils the bunch and I think that the FA should crack down even harder on that scum.

    • brianrod1992 says:

      +Apex Soccer 96 “one bad apple spoils the bunch” Yeah sure…

    • Miloproductions1 says:

      miguelram10 they arent racist to their own player

    • Zak Ali says:

      +Miloproductions1So I can hate your nationality, religion and color and not hate you.

  10. PalmTreemechanician says:

    On the tune of “Que sera sera ” :
    “Mo Salah , Salah
    Whatever will be , will be
    Today he will score a goal
    or maybe three ! “

  11. David cib says:

    Salah celebrated he don’t care for Chelsea . cheap sea didn’t give him a real chance.

  12. S. Li says:

    Liverpool fans should root for United and Spurs to beat/tie MC

  13. Saif Al-shmmari says:

    Now I know why Chelsea fans call salah a bomber cuz he bombed Chelsea goal by a stunner ??

  14. Robert Ilardi says:

    Very emotional day at Anfield great win . That was for the 96 today. STAND RED.

  15. RTS Vybz says:

    Now that Salah goal deserved a puskas ?

  16. Daud Jama says:

    That’s how you respond to hatred and bigotry. All Hail The Pharaoh

  17. ctdevil28 says:

    6:44 Hillsborough mom hugging Kenny, great moment

  18. seyi ogundana says:

    Hazard should better move to Madrid, his talents are being wasted in Chelsea.

    • Ameir al rubaiee says:

      everyone’s talent is wasted at madrid ! look at bale

    • Ig says:

      Hazard wasted two goal opportunities today, he can move to Timbuktu for all i care. Hazard is not as special as people think, he will be exposed in Spain.

    • Cristina Goetz says:

      Ameir al rubaiee what ??real Madrid expects their players to perform every week at higher standards that’s why they won 3 champions league and bale has just been injured to much and doesn’t perform consistently so it’s his fault and the rewards for Madrid is the high pay wages so they better play well

  19. Arjen Robbed says:

    Chelsea fans called him a bomber so he hit them with a rocket RPG

  20. Masoud Almazrouei says:

    Who’s going to win the PL this Year ????

    Liverpool = Like
    Man city = Comment

    • Daynon Cottrell says:

      I won’t be disappointed if liverpool won the pl. Been a Klopp fan since Dortmund He deserves some hardware. But its Citys’ to lose and they better not..!!

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