Liverpool v. Tottenham Hotspur | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/30/2023 | NBC Sports

Liverpool v. Tottenham Hotspur | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/30/2023 | NBC Sports

Diogo Jota’s stoppage-time strike gave Liverpool a 4-3 win over Tottenham after Spurs overturned a 3-0 deficit at Anfield in an incredible contest. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Liverpool #Tottenham
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Liverpool v. Tottenham Hotspur | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 4/30/2023 | NBC Sports

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35 Responses

  1. Hippo Ivory says:

    Honestly, at this point, it’s actually impressive how Tottenham always manage to bottle it no matter how hard they fight to comeback.

    • Jupiter says:


    • 19JCgarcia says:

      @kevrunnthat  yea but the fact that reached the UCL final 2 times and lost both times proves what I’m saying that they struggle to win cause they don’t have the players that Bigger teams have and those players make a difference in those finals. I agree with you that they have accomplished more than spurs but they’re still similar when it comes to facing bigger teams.

    • kevrunnthat says:

      @19JCgarcia no one wins titles when Madrid & Barca are around… old Barca. Atletico did manage to win the league twice , reach 2 CL finals, win a Europa League, & a UEFA super cup. It’s not much but it’s more than Spurs entire history combined.

    • VwD says:

      @good bad boy oh stop your crying

    • EpicFan says:

      @Mark Zilist we are in 2023. Not 2019

  2. George Kandylis says:

    The history of Tottenham in one vid thank you NBC .

  3. BL says:

    What an assist on the final Liverpool goal, well done Tottenham

  4. LUCKYKAT says:

    Instant Premier League Classic. Djota winning the game after the Reds lost a 3 goal lead, Klopp pulling his hamstring celebrating & Richarlison going all red faced after thinking he’d completed the most epic comeback as en ex-Everton player & rubbing it in with the Liverpool fans. This is why we love FOOTBALL !!!! ✊⚽❤

    • Asparapee says:

      As a Liverpool fan, that Pigeon’s goal might be one of my favorite goals of all time……because it set up what happened 2 minutes later. 😂

    • Jacob Butts says:

      @Hanmura Skipp should have already been off for the leg breaker on Diaz.

    • bogohotdogz says:

      @Hanmura stop crying

    • Kevin Barley says:

      @Hanmura As happy as I am that Liverpool won, I have to admit, it’s criminal that he wasn’t given a red. The inconsistencies in the refereeing in the PL is crazy.

    • Dank Platypus says:

      @Si Tri Ho nah. U trippin u can’t tell the future . They woulda had 10 men

  5. Weaboo Milk says:

    i love that they showed the different position based on in and out of possession. Football is such a fluid game.

  6. CommentShark says:

    Incredible rollercoaster of a match! Spurs almost had it, but Liverpool snatched it back. Unforgettable game! 🔥🔥

  7. Tarek A says:

    Perfect game to describe spurs

  8. Diyar says:

    I died at Klopps celebration after the last goal. What a game.

  9. Osman Hassan says:

    Watching Richardson celebrate made me think that I was watching the World Cup final and he scored the winning goal.

  10. drsnowmon says:

    Jota is the MVP here, took out Skipp with his right boot and finished the game with his left boot

    • Michael Graham says:

      @Patrick Twitchell there also was much less force involved with the shin situation than the head. He was coming down with nowhere else to go when he came down on the shin.

      Your argument is just silly.

    • Saafe says:

      @Patrick Twitchell also, there’s 0 reason for a foot to ever hit someone’s head like that. It’s not in any way something that should happen during a game. Feet to ankle at least makes sense. They are on the same level.

    • Saafe says:

      @Patrick Twitchell bro that’s not a scratch to the head. He was bleeding pretty badly. Also there’s potential for a lot more and a lot worse than a broken ankle.

    • Patrick Twitchell says:

      @Saafe That says nothing about what the actual rules are. Dangerous play is dangerous play. Personally, I’d take a scratch to the head than a potential broken ankle.

    • Saafe says:

      @Patrick Twitchell the shin is not equal to the head in importance

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