Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid (2-3 AET) | UEFA Champions League highlights

Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid (2-3 AET) | UEFA Champions League highlights

Liverpool crash out of the Champions League after a rare Anfield defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid.

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60 Responses

  1. Income Tax Inspector says:

    “UCL exit quickly Atletico” 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Jamie Oliver says:

    *Adrian:* _takes off mask_
    *Karius:* _So we meet again_

  3. Gianfranco De La Torre says:

    Ese arquero del Liver, la re-cagó, con Allison no hubiera pasado eso.

  4. vegoman says:

    Klopp: they don’t play football

    Atletico: Scores 2 goals when they’re already winning

  5. Alex Sokolov says:

    Liverpool: I have the best comeback in Anfield.
    Alético: Not today homiee

  6. 10vanaqv says:

    Jus goes to show how clutch of a signing Alisson was for us, without him it’s peak

  7. NerdLikePerson says:

    Adrian aside, Oblak played too well today though he always perform fantastically in La Liga.

  8. McNike 1708 says:

    1 minuto de silencio para quien se perdió este partidazo…

    • Rubilio Juan says:


    • Anthony Lopez says:

      José Sobrado pero al menos el chelsea gano la copa de campeones nada que ver lo que hace simeone con sus planteamientos cagones que no le han llevado a nada, y hablo del Liverpool que es el vigente campeón que a mi parecer tuvo muy mala suerte

    • Anthony Lopez says:

      Lautaro que siga jugando asi que no va ganar nada…cebollita simeone.

    • Javier Perez says:

      Jajaja me lo perdí el medio partidazooooo.
      El arquero del liv la vendió se les fue una segunda champions

  9. Aparna kulkarni says:

    Liverpool: Welcome to Anfield
    Simione: Hold my Oblak

  10. Impudent Wrecker says:

    Klopp: Welcome to Anfield
    Simeone: Here’s my beautiful middle finger

  11. King Giroud says:

    lol remember when they Robertson said wait til they come to Anfield and van dijk said they acted as if they won the tie. 😂 that aged well

    • Aaryavir K. says:

      @Jas karan only 1 goal was keepers mistake other 2 where brilliant goals. even if we remove that goal Liverpool looses that tie on away goals.

    • Contax 645 says:

      @Jas karan if a team has 30+ shoot on target and only score 2. it’s a failure considering it is a must-win game

    • Mike MichailIdis says:

      Contax. That’s exactly what I wrote few comments above 34 shots for 2 goals is a lot of hard work. It should 4-0 with so many opportunities

    • Stone Boi says:

      Van dijk never said that it was Robertson

  12. Getroy says:

    Adrian tried his best to stop Liverpool from winning 😂

  13. Patrick The goat says:



  14. Surya Venkatesan says:

    10:35 lorente is still sliding in Anfield 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Izur Aufa says:

    10:23 Lloriente -> Morata X+R2
    10:24 Morata -> Lloriente △ +R2
    10:25 Lloriente -> Morata △
    10:29 Morata □

  16. Jaskier says:

    *Liverpool:* Welcome to Anfield

    *Atletico:* Welcome to Adrian!

  17. محسن denmark says:

    When liverpool players hear the word Madrid they lose in advance hhhh

  18. Kaushik Lahan says:

    9:47 salty Loserpool fan showing middle finger to Simeone

  19. Nguyễn Phương says:

    Quote of the day:
    *”Saved by Oblak”*

  20. Melodica says:

    Meanwhile barcelona be like:
    “YES!!! That’s how it feels!!!

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