Liverpool vs. Chelsea 2019 Super Cup FULL Match Highlights

Liverpool vs. Chelsea 2019 Super Cup FULL Match Highlights

Liverpool defeats Chelsea on penalties to win the 2019 Super Cup.

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51 Responses

  1. Heber Toussaint says:

    All I have to say is: WHAT A MATCH! Too bad someone has to lose.

  2. Ebuka Akunne says:

    We played good Chelsea for life
    Let’s keep improving…. lamps good job

    Like for how many goals will score v lester

  3. GaryTheSnail45 says:

    As a Chelsea fan, it was a great game. I thought we played outstanding. Just gotta keep our heads up. I’m excited for this season ?

    • Quietstorm_NC says:

      @Patrick T early in that game we were the dominant team but we just didnt capitalize on our chances. and MU’s goals were mostly off of individual errors. we have a very talented team. we’re just young! we will be a factor in who qualifies for Champions League football this season.

    • Gazton Knuckles says:

      As an Atletico fan i say Chelsea outplayed Liverpool

    • ToddCrispies says:

      You guys looked better than United. You guys will not only beat them at home, but you will finish above them in the standings. Good luck to you!

    • GaryTheSnail45 says:

      @ToddCrispies I think we looked better this game. Kante makes a HUGE difference lol. Even tho we looked great against MAN U as well. But thanks! Hopefully we shock a lot of people this year.

    • ዝርውን በዜማ/ Prose-In-Rhythm says:

      So, how many goals did you ship so far?

  4. Thouxanband Swavy says:

    That pass from Firmino was smooth ?

  5. JahSlime says:

    Yeah this is definitely champions league. Nice one BR

  6. Cam Mori-Khan says:

    why did you only have the replay of liverpools first goal

  7. Mr1234tico says:

    whats up with highlight for the 1st liverpool goal?

  8. 10 Legenda4L says:

    1:00 Giroud
    1:30 Mane
    2:29 Mane
    3:34 Jorginho

  9. The Stick says:

    What an assist from pulisic

    • Ara Beigi says:

      That was an insane game for him coming from a Liverpool fan. I’m looking forward to seeing him improve under lamp add for the next time lfc and Chelsea meet.

    • Heather Lewis says:

      Dude has some great skill for sure, and I’m looking forward to watching him whenever possible since I’m also a fellow crazy American. Watching one of our blokes running wild on a Premier League football pitch is great fun. I hope he’s having a blast too.

    • Ara Beigi says:

      Us Americans aren’t necessarily crazy, we’re just passionate.

    • Timm Berr says:

      dont speak, for all of us, dummy, I aint passionate

    • Ara Beigi says:

      Timm Berr well ok, I was tryna help but if you’re calling me dummy, then I suppose you are crazy, but you should speak for yourself as well.

  10. DopeReggae S says:

    I swear mane is very and I mean very important to Liverpool the guy does it ALL!!!!

  11. Benjamin Griesel says:

    Pulisic played well??

  12. Nb says:

    Frank Lampard has such a hard job! He did much better , than against man u

  13. Cloud Evample says:

    Congratulations to LFC, good match on both sides

    -Chelsea fan

  14. Raphael M-L says:

    In before BR takes this down for the intro and missing the live highlight of Mané’s goal.

  15. mae says:

    Manes first goal was a beauty assist by firmino. (The KARATE assist) and you dont show it..

  16. MrSupasonics says:

    Chelsea lost, but players should proud of themselves, they recovered from Man Utd loss nicely, and performance today was great. They showed a spirit.

  17. Nate Elkington says:

    When you entitle your video “FULL Match Highlights,” it seems like a good idea not to miss some of the most important moments in the game, like, I don’t know, 25% of the goals.

  18. Forever Gooner says:

    Chelsea look so much better with Kante. That guy is superhuman. Nothing but respect for him.

  19. 69420 subs with no subs says:

    Yall paying attention to Pullsic but Kante played like a beast today?

  20. Matt Rochford says:

    Is it that hard to show all the penalties?? These highlights are terrible. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult, you could hire any football YouTuber and they could do a better job

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