Liverpool vs. LASK: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 5 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Liverpool vs. LASK: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD 5 | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Liverpool still have a point to prove in their European campaign. The group leaders look to cement their top spot as they host visiting LASK at Anfield.

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30 Responses

  1. @LiverpoolEdits9 says:

    The amount of energy in that Lask’s crowd was crazy. Went down early but continued to cheer on for their team. Props to Lask for that

  2. @nishant3528 says:

    1:35 To see LASK fans keep cheering even after Diaz’s opener warmed my heart.

  3. @noefriday2645 says:

    LASK fans deserve the best team ever. Their fans are so passionate ❤
    They were chanting way after they knew they’d lose

  4. @paulchallan says:

    This Liverpool team is just so deep. Quality players throughout.

    • @user-db2uk8iq9r says:

      I agree. The entire team seems to hold themselves accountable for every technical mistake. They look honestly upset with themselves, whether it’s a bad pass, a poor shot, etc.

  5. @messidishwasher20 says:

    LASK have an incredibly fanbase. I’m sure they’ll be rewarded with a better squad in future, hopefully. For now, they can at least be happy they were in Europe

  6. @tikitorch3117 says:

    Harvey Elliot showing great effort and maturity in that first sequence

  7. @ryanschneider9766 says:

    These teams we play have the most passionate fans they are just thrilled to be here even if they lose respect ❤

  8. @s-h-r-e-k says:

    Liverpool not in the Champions League feels weird.

  9. @Thunder_Cheek01 says:

    The day Kostas and Joe score their 1st goal for Liverpool, I’ll be celebrating like a madman.

  10. @ACEKING26 says:

    What A Performance from Liverpool!!!!!!!

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