LIVESTREAM: Chicago Cubs World Series Champions Parade Celebration – FULL SHOW

LIVESTREAM: Chicago Cubs World Series Champions Parade Celebration – FULL SHOW

The Chicago Cubs will celebrate their first championship in 108 years with a parade on Friday, spanning from Wrigley Field to the Loop and culminating in a rally at Grant Park.

The official parade route will start at approximately 11 a.m., departing Wrigley Field at approximately 10 a.m., and will travel along Michigan Avenue between Oak St. and Ohio St. and then along Columbus Dr. between Monroe St. and Balbo Ave. Fans who want to catch the downtown parade are encouraged to see them along this route.

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20 Responses

  1. John Major says:


  2. Stabby McChaCha says:

    I’m happy for Chicago but this is egregiously horrific coverage. Bad
    video/audio quality…..meh. Cringey hosts = whatevs. But why is the real
    action in the minimized window? At one point, it was in a minimized window
    of a minimized window….SMH…

  3. Blurr says:

    I was just there lmao

  4. netdog713 says:


  5. Ty Diab says:

    I called it, when I said, I’d get married when the Cubs win the World
    Series I’m getting married on Sunday

  6. Donald Barnett says:

    In 1945 the Cubs were overmatched by Hank Greenberg and Hal Newhouser of
    the Tigers. In 1908 they beat the Tigers and the legendary Ty Cobb.

  7. Riff Raff says:

    Had to work all day and missed this…Thank you,Thank you and Thank you
    again for posting this, Great Stuff…Go Cubs GO!!!!

  8. brownredxx says:

    Congratulations to Cubs from Los Angeles!

  9. Squishysquisher 20 says:

    SUB TO
    10 SECONDS

  10. Jimmy Forano says:

    why are showing this vertical.

  11. Paolo Drawler says:

    Thank you so much.!!

  12. dsn Knwefbdfa says:

    Congrats Cubs fans! Red Sox Nation salutes you! Imagine this, it took Theo
    Epstein 2 years to reverse the Curse in Boston, and 5 years to do so for
    the Cubs. 7 years to rid 2 franchises of 194 years of curses combined!! As
    far as baseball executives are concerned in regards to scouting abilities,
    shall we call Theo “The GOAT”? Well, like the old saying goes, fight fire
    with fire. :-)

  13. jomie orbino says:

    The Chicago cubs are the world champions how about that

  14. Austin Thornburg says:

    go cubs go!

  15. Pamela Adamany says:

    What a beautiful gathering of all walks of life, gathering in harmony, in
    happiness, all with one unanimous mission of spreading heartfelt joy.

  16. abhiofficial says:

    Who else sat through all four hours of the video???

    Me neither

  17. Yeshua Is The Only Way says:

    Sports are a distraction!

  18. Danny Devito says:

    I was there today and I got there at 7:30 and waited for 4 hours to see the

  19. Racer Shotz says:

    I was at 1:37:49 This was so fun I got a autograph by Bryant It was big
    feels like 5 million people were there there was police everywhere even
    swat was there .

  20. Drew Bannister says:

    Wish the audio were louder… :/