Living In My Brothers Pool For 24 Hours

Living In My Brothers Pool For 24 Hours

and on that note we don’t have to live the horrors of summer for the next 9 months amen


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45 Responses

  1. Morgan Adams says:

    Okay PSA it’s not fall but starbucks sent out an email that it was their first day of fall and we went with it ??

  2. Pourya Bigonah says:

    With my student loans, living in a pool seems like a dream

  3. tegan likes muffins says:

    petition for morgan and ryland and shane and friends to make a reality tv style channel and call it “the adams family”

  4. Samantha Gonzalez says:

    Ummmmmmmm can we just talk about the “Margot Robbie” text Ryland got?!?!?!?

  5. Wifey says:

    12:27 “This is what they call hot girl summer!” *Casually drowns as the clip cuts*

  6. Meg Kat says:

    I just realized your celeb look alike is Kate Saunders from Lizzie McGuire.

  7. Moses Garcia says:

    Can we recognize how on 12:22 uno dropped the ball in front of Morgen and ran off to wait for her to throw it…??♥️

  8. Guest of Gaia says:

    Morgan: where do you see shade?

    Ryland: *pans to chair with a little shadow over half the cushion* riGhT tHeRe


  9. Michelle Crescio says:

    This girl brought a god damn tent to chill in the pool for 24 hours. HUN SHOULD’VE ORDERED A LIFE RAFT THAT HAS A BUILT-IN TENT. I’m dying. This videos perfect

  10. Caitlin Rae says:

    Who needs VSCO girls and trampolines with blankets when you have Morgan and a huge flamingo float

  11. Alina Kurec says:

    New trend: people let BuzzFeed quizzes decide what they do in a day

  12. Thanos' wife Akima says:

    Emilia: I brought you something but I ate half of it


  13. shanteatimewithsugar says:

    If only Tom Hanks had brought that giant pink flamingo inflatable to the island in castaway XD it would’ve been a completely different film and it would’ve changed lives

  14. Basement Dweller Cosplay says:

    Shane and Emilia look like the rulers of some sci-fi planet in the video and I want to live on that planet!

  15. BTS ArMyY UwU says:

    Morgan: Bug spray

    Me: *flashback to Trinity and Morgan when they went camping*

  16. Jas Bless says:

    20 hours I’m actually proud she made it that long I couldn’t do that

  17. Alex Castro says:

    I care & I don’t care that Shane does not even post that much because Morgan & ryland feed my shane addiction ?

  18. MCL MCL says:

    I’m trying to figure out why Morgan didn’t just buy a couple portable chargers?
    A lot safer than extension cords ?

  19. Kitty Bee says:

    I give Morgan an A+ for honesty. I’m pretty sure most of the people who do 24 hour challenges don’t last but just say they do.

  20. Sarah Holmes says:

    I wish my brother was as nice as Ryland is. Shane was dragging Morgan LOL wth? And Emilia Fart had a HUGE crush on Morgan. LOL

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