Season 9 of Seek Discomfort is out now for only 72 hours!

For Ammar’s 25th birthday, he decided to live like it was his last 24 hours alive. Ammar’s biggest dream has been to bring all of his friends that he’s made over the years together in one place. So he decided to give his friends all over the world a call to see if they would join him for one of the most unforgettable days of his life…

Ammar’s high school in South Africa:

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We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you’re willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it.

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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
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38 Responses

  1. Yes Theory says:

    Don’t miss season 9 of Seek Discomfort. Out now for 72hrs!

    • tobin bh says:

      happy birthday amar!!! cheers to another year of living your best life and inspiring millions of people to do the same!!!
      thanks @yes theory!!

    • JØKER says:

      I am from Egypt and I watched all your vids really like how you guys connect to each other, I really would be down to come and meet you guys and make a vid with you… I also believe I am related to how u guys interact so we can be friends from just talking for a few mins 😀

    • Dipesh Kumar says:

      Please visit Fiji if you get a chance..

    • Alexander TheGreatest says:

      I started watching Yes Theory at an extremely dark and difficult time in my life. Things are still extremely difficult. But I get a little bit of hope from your videos. Just a little bit of happiness that takes me away for the 10 15 minutes of your videos! I love what you guys do! I love how far you’ve come! I love to love! So THANK YOU guys so much!

  2. Jana Opacic says:

    I really LOVE you guys. With every video of yours that i watch it always brings me such happynes. You’re truly THE BEST❤❤❤

  3. Roslyn Bates says:

    I cry at every video of Yes Theory’s. Thank you, these videos really mean something to me and make every Sunday special. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  4. Jordan Alvarez says:

    wow.. im at a loss for words. Amar, we have never met. But you have truly changed my life since I found yes theory and I LOVE how you can connect with those around you, as well as those watching you through a screen. Love you Amar and the Yes theory family. Happy Birthday!

  5. Mathias Pedersen says:

    I’ve missed seeing Derin in your videos so much! I’ve been here since Project 30 and seeing all four you together again (even though it was short) just brings back so many great memories!

  6. Peyton Vinc says:

    This has convinced me to go skydiving with my two best friends, thank you Yes Therory

  7. Youseff Hijazi says:

    Brooo Derin’s face @ 9:28 ? ? ? sooo funny!

    Edit: wooww I just finished the rest of the video and it was so emotional! Amazing video ? ?

  8. Hermelinda Delgado says:

    Smiled, laughed, and cried. I love you Yes Theory!!

  9. C A says:

    From hardly crying once a year, to crying every single Sunday night.
    Thank you Yes Theory, your content is a reminder of living life to the fullest potential.

    • DireWolfMotte Tun says:

      I saw this and was like i aint gone cry but boy i was wrong

    • Rafael Lourenço says:

      You are a bunch of pussies, nothing to cry here

    • seshu ram says:

      Rafael Lourenço Some people are weak hearted and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve never cried to a movie or video ever. To hell I’ve not even cried for the passing of my grand-dad. Call me stone hearted but I do have emotions even if I don’t cry.

    • Rafael Lourenço says:

      +seshu ram can relate

    • Julia Johnston says:

      Rafael Lourenço wow you and your little buddy are rly out here being dicks for no reason huh?? There’s just… no reason to act like that????????? Just don’t comment???????????????????????

  10. Pie Fuucker says:

    You guys are AMAZING!!
    damn, i get happy tears every episode haha
    Keep doing what you do 😀

  11. WickedAndAGeek says:

    Late Happy birthday! The end with mental health issues hit me harder then I expected. Thank you so much for showing your positivity but also vulnerability! You guys are a true inspiration and somewhere you guys keep me going.

    Thank you & we love you guys
    ~ Just a human being

  12. Molly Collins says:

    I NEVER get emotional from a yt video but this was an exception.

    I want to say Amar you seem to be such an amazing, caring, loving and positive person. I wish you the best of luck and happy late birthday<3

  13. mauam112 says:

    So much love and happiness in one video, this is exactly what the world needs! Thank you for sharing this amazing content Yes Theory!❤️Truly inspiring! Keep it up!

  14. Aminium Music says:

    Wow guys.. this is so BEAUTIFUL.. LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH ??

  15. Princess Me says:

    “We went bowling for my birthday ,why couldnt we have gone BOWLING dude” ??? that killed me ??

  16. Michael Simmons says:

    WE HAVE MISSED YOU DERIN!! so good to see that face and bald head in the video.

  17. DiGi Beatz says:

    These are 20 mins of my life I don’t actually need back❤️

  18. Drake Howton says:

    No supercars
    No superficial things
    No mindless entertainment
    Only family, friends, and experience’s of a lifetime. I believe that Ammar truly knows what matters in life.

  19. Karim ElGhandour says:

    عمار كل سنة و انت طيب و عاوز اقول ان الانت بتعملوا بيعمل فرق فعلا في حياة ناس كتير و انت بتشجعنا فعلا نعمل حاجات كتير حلوة. صوتك بيوصل للناس في مصر و انا بحكي لصحابي عن الانتوا بتعملوا.
    English: Ammar happy birthday to you, and I want to let you know that you are really making a difference in a lot of people’s lives (all the yes theory fam) and you are encouraging us to do really amazing stuff. Your voice reaches people in Egypt, and I always tell my friends about your channel and what you guys do!

    P.S: I’m currently in Madrid for the next couple of months, if you are ever around, we should definitely meet up!

    Happy birthday man!

    • Thomas Abell says:

      How is my Arabic? I enjoy trying it

    • Karim ElGhandour says:

      +Thomas Abell اهلا توماس! انا سعيد بالتعرف عليك!
      English: Hey Thomas! It’s nice to meet you!

    • Karim ElGhandour says:

      +Thomas Abell Your Arabic is really good! And like any other language, the more you practice the better it will become. I should state however that the Arabic that I wrote in my main comment is considered informal slang (not grammatically accurate) since this is the way we talk in Egypt most of the time!

      In order to help you more, I will write a comment trying to fix a couple of words. Again awesome job man!

    • Karim ElGhandour says:

      +Thomas Abell مرحبا! اسمي توماس. انا طالب يدرس اللغة العربية في امريكا. انا احب اللغة العربية.

      English: Hello! My name is Thomas. I’m a student studying Arabic in America. I love the Arabic language.

      Again, amazing job man! You are doing great! Never stop learning. I’m trying to learn Spanish myself!

  20. scarface says:

    Ammar, bnhebak gedan, sincerely! from Egypt with Love❤️
    Happy Birthday, keep being Awesome??

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