Living With A Mental Disorder

Living With A Mental Disorder

Mental illness can be experienced in a variety of different ways for different people.

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20 Responses

  1. Arden Chow says:

    I am glad that they included OCD and ADHD but I would definitely appreciate
    more awareness and attention being brought to psychosis and BPD and
    schizophrenia, more disorders that are so often overlooked and dismissed
    because they are “scary” or “not as relatable” to the general public.

  2. Singaporean Pegasister says:

    Depression feels like even the smallest task to do like to shower is even
    hard. ?

  3. Paulina Barragan says:


  4. mac printing says:

    I’m living with md!?

  5. SlowScopez_ says:

    Anxiety is the worse

  6. bigredgrumbo says:

    Depression to me feels like;

    A black mass of sadness and anxiety I carry around in my torso, sometimes
    it’s bigger, sometimes it’s smaller, but it’s always there. It feels like
    constant exhaustion, never wanting to do anything but lie in bed. It’s a
    constant cloud highlighting all that’s bad and blocking out all that’s
    good. It’s all constant feeling of guilt, of worry and anxiety, and of

  7. Has Music says:

    I have depression and anxiety so it just feels like I have two little
    monsters always following me around. One tells me not to live bed, to stay
    at home, to forget about all the things I have to do. The other one wakes
    me up way too early, doesn’t let me sleep and is constantly reminding me of
    problems that I may face if I don’t do what I have to.

  8. Irene Jennings says:

    I have depression and bi-polar . and anxiety I haven’t got help yet or been
    told this by a Dr but by people and other. but I’m am afraid to get help
    but I am because see I am about. to be a mom and people say that it my get
    worse and I have moment were I just black out and I’m afraid of what can
    happen if I get postponed after she is born so can some tell how I go about

  9. Hira Saleem says:

    maladaptive daydreaming, anyone?

  10. Niyati bhuta (Astronaut) says:

    Depression makes me feel hollow, its like nothing is inside me and all I
    can hear is my mind and feel is my tears…

    Anxiety to me is being alone in a huge crowd and everyone is laughing at
    you and talking behind your back and all I feel is this pain in my

  11. Gemma Scarlett says:

    Please more videos on Bipolar and BPD! I feel so misunderstood sometimes
    and I wish there were people I could relate to.

  12. Yumiii xx says:

    i feel like 90% of earth’s humans have depression. i don’t know what i have
    yet though my counsellor suspects i have OCD. I’m going to a psychiatrist
    soon to see if it really is or if its something else and to be completely
    honest, I’m terrified.

  13. Rayna Black (Ukulele Covers) says:

    I have ADHD and anxiety alongside with panic disorder. Though medication
    and time, has helped me to get better, as well as the support from my
    family and doing things I love. I’m now past having panic attacks 2-3 times
    a week, but more like occasionally. But I’m still afraid of being afraid. I
    feel like that’s the ironic thing about anxiety.

  14. Da Da says:

    OCD is like having an infinite algorithm in your brain. You can escape from
    it only when you are sleeping and talking with others. I just felt like

  15. elyse darby says:

    buzzfeed never talk about bpd :(

  16. Aljiman says:

    Depression sucks, I experienced it a few times but I kinda learnt how to
    deal with it.

  17. T Dagin says:

    I hate that so many people claim to have OCD and when I tell people that I
    have it, they think I’m a clean freak or I wash my hands all the time but
    no one ever knows about my type of ocd… Pure o. Which is the reason I
    never even knew I had it. I just thought I was crazy and that no one would
    ever understand me but just knowing that I have an illness helps me cope
    with it tremendously !

  18. salome valdis says:

    Anyone else with social anxiety? Depression? Anxiety? PTSD? ADHD? A panic

  19. Pin-Wo says:

    Well if I had to explain…I just can say something about ADHD but however:
    ADHD is like when you try to listen to an important thing your teacher says
    but after three minutes you realize that you haven’t heard anything. It’s
    shaking your head always to one side and you don’t even can’t control it.
    It’s speaking so fast that nobody, not even yourself can understand what
    you say. It’s like a TV show that was turned three times faster but you
    don’t even want it to. You read a book page three times and still don’t
    know what happened. You have to find excuses why you didn’t listen to your
    friend because you don’t want to annoy him/her. This is my opinion what
    ADHD is like.

  20. Keagan Weber says:

    Thank you BuzzFeed and all of the people in the video that shared their
    feelings on these disorders. I myself have major depressive disorder and
    anxiety, and to hear others describe it, it makes me feel like I’m not
    alone. I have had both, from what I know, since the 5th grade, and i’m
    currently in college. It is a struggle to even get out of bed every day
    because I don’t see the point, and the loneliness, oh god. It feels like a
    boulder has been set on me and slowly crushes me, and no matter what I do,
    it won’t relieve that pain. It helps so much though to hear that I’m not
    alone in this fight, and it makes my personal battle just a bit easier