Llama chase in Sun City, AZ

Llama chase in Sun City, AZ

Sheriff’s deputies try to capture two llamas that got loose in AZ.

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19 Responses

  1. mr6johnclark says:

    They caught the Black Llama first…

  2. Patrick Star says:

    O.J Simpson? is that you?

  3. Old Yeller says:

    The white Llama started it.

  4. Jason Plucinski says:


  5. LindaJane Manser says:

    Need a good herding k9

  6. Cupcake43099 says:

    Happy Llama Sad Llama Mentally disturbed llama super llama drama llama big
    fat mama llama

  7. Felipe Antonio Valenzuela Aguilar says:


  8. Keasia Floyd says:

    This was interesting

  9. Hank Guty says:


  10. Scot Fennell says:

    I think they are actually terrorists!

  11. SS Goldstein says:

    Man vs Wild.

  12. 123tube456 says:

    Kuzco is that you? lol this made my day

  13. tonytaker says:

    ξ ・ェ・ ξ haters
    ξ ~ ξ gonna
    ξ ξ hate
    ξ “~~~~〇
    ξ ξ
    ξ ξ ξ~~~ξ ξ
    ξ_ξξ_ξ ξ_ξξ_ξ

  14. thudson99 says:

    This is awesome! I love Llama Drama!

  15. Randompandaattackingacake says:

    I started watching this as a joke but now it’s not a joke

  16. Ann Boylen says:

    I thought they were alpacas but they are way larger and boisterous 

  17. rachicoonka says:

    Best Day of my Life

  18. dirty dauzat says:

    Anyone else wondering how this was filmed??

  19. G Marin says:

    Only here in Arizona do we still lasso shit…like llamas. Lol! I totally
    missed this on the news today because I was working. I heard about it after
    it was done. I would have been thoroughly entertained if it happened
    downtown, rather that old fart Sun City. BTW, where the hell did the llamas
    come from? I mean, it’s all 55+ community full of mobile homes.