#LochteGate | Swimmers Caught on Tape at Gas Station

#LochteGate | Swimmers Caught on Tape at Gas Station

Surveillance video from Brazil’s Globo TV shows Ryan Lochte and the U.S. swimmers at a gas station in Brazil.

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20 Responses

  1. K. Kristopherson says:

    Yeah like the Media wasn’t in on this ruse from the get go!!!!

  2. slut scammer says:

    3 minutes are edited out of this. So what happened in that 3 minutes?

  3. Fernando Schiavi Leite says:

    Americans think they are superior to the entire world… They think they
    can go to another country, get drunk, break the bathroom of the gas station
    and go away back to their country, cause they think nothing will happen to

  4. Arawn Aun says:

    What exactly is the charge here?… They never spoke to the police, so
    there was no report filed?

    This is sketchy to the EXTREME…

    Worst case they made the whole thing up and they are being charged with
    embarrassing an already humiliating Olympics.

  5. Cherry Creek News says:

    Missing minutes from video cast doubts on Brazilian claims.

  6. Ashley Heagy says:

    Honestly the media is making a way bigger deal of it than they should be…

  7. TheMoneypresident says:

    I have no idea what happened. good job ABC

  8. thefam212 says:

    they say Gabby was patriotic enough,what are these guys????

  9. SillyBeastMonkey says:

    Someone explain

  10. Nathan Alley says:

    These men are a disgrace to our country ?

  11. Jordan Orona says:

    Such irony, drunkasses!!!

  12. Philip Banks says:

    reports coming out that they roughed up a gas station attendant. come on
    racists, attack and call them thugs like you did mike brown. you wont since
    they are rich white guys

  13. Amra says:

    Wnat, exactly, is this proof of?

  14. Talib Hamideh says:

    What is this

  15. Shaw Dalli says:

    explain pleae

  16. Ed Bersin says:

    What’s even going on? This is proof of them doing what exactly?

  17. Brandon Lira says:

    No homo we smoking penises!!!!

  18. Houston's Style says:

    Caught doing what?

  19. Arturo Ortiz says:

    WTF was that?

  20. Kallista Metropoulos says:

    ?????? [Insert Confused Me]