Logan Paul & KSI Go Undercover At Walmart

Logan Paul & KSI Go Undercover At Walmart

After years of heated rivalry, we’re humbled & honored to bring you Prime Hydration.
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I’m a 26 year old lad residing in Puerto Rico. This is my life.

Edited by: @HillierSmith
Shot by: @kevingmov – @André Duqum – @davidsonn

Please be advised; the situations, subject matter, and satirical content contained in this vlog are for entertainment purposes only! Under no circumstances should any activities, stunts, or dramatic interpretations included in this content be replicated/attempted in any capacity by viewers. Again, any and all dramatic interpretations are for entertainment purposes. Product benefits and ingredients are expressly listed on product packaging. Prime does not heal ailments or STD’s.

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31 Responses

  1. Sean Millea says:

    I love how undercover just means wearing Prime hats

  2. Nate420 says:

    This is the way YouTubers should be.
    Throw the drama away, and work together for a bag <3 🙂

  3. Original151 says:

    JJ’s energy is unmatched 😂

  4. TastyAce says:

    JJ: I can’t go out in public cause I’ll be recognised

    Also JJ: **wears a cap then screams in the faces of the public**

  5. 31 Rafli Arrasyd says:

    It’s funny how full of energy logan paul was back then and now he’s just really calm and the exact opposite of JJ

  6. Mike Williams says:

    Their chemistry is perfect together! And JJs laugh is just unmatched 🤣

  7. Monstaxiv says:

    This just looked like a fun time you lot had, so epic

  8. Sofya R says:

    Logan: flirts with customers to sell Prime
    JJ: yells at everyone and makes them do pushups

  9. xtu15x says:

    JJ and Logan squashing their beef is the most calming thing i have seen 😌

  10. Nerd on a Budget says:

    Never would have expected that these two would become this close and have this much fun together after all of the boxing beef, but this was genuinely enjoyable to watch and makes me want to try their drink. No idea if it’ll actually be good or not, but they’ll at least get one sale out of me lol

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