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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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98 Responses

  1. Alyxthecrumpet! says:

    Good on Logan for calling Jake out.

  2. Hazzahhk says:

    Mike talks straight facts love him!

  3. Sami Gayle 10•1 says:

    Jake paul was getting some rollies

  4. super star says:

    That kid has a 11 million dollars house in LA

  5. Shaurya Banwani says:

    Logan is right.
    Jake needs a person by his side to tell him when he is crossing a line for content…
    Logan is really lucky to have Mike..

  6. OhKee12 says:

    Jake needs a better manager who has his best interests in mind. This was just dumb.

    • That Girl Amir says:

      Yea he definitely needs too get rid of Irmani ASAP

    • Lauren Balbin says:

      he should just have some common sense he is an adult with the power to influence children everywhere and he’s doing dumb shit. he shouldn’t need anyone to parent himPERIODT

    • Jos eph says:


    • HeWhoMustNotBeNamed says:

      @Lauren Balbin growing up takes time, especially in a toxic celebrity climate. knowing that he would have to rebrand can be seriously stressful. you can clearly see he’s a different person arround his brother. and that he is stuck between both worlds struggling.
      You guys really need to get of your high horse telling someone how he should live his life. who the f do you think you are?

    • Arigato Senpai says:

      HeWhoMustNotBeNamed a guy on the internet who doesn’t take the stuff I have for granted and I don’t loot malls. What kind of idiot Loots malls when he is rich enough to buy everything in there and say it was like a few bucks.

  7. Colbey Johnson says:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…Jake needs someone that isn’t a yesman.

  8. Mr Robot says:

    i dont think he was at a dinner next to the mall, cuz every place was closed during the riots + the corona situation :=)

    • HeckYaMan1989 says:

      @VANDAL VIBES you’re*

    • Caden Ghannam says:

      HeckYaMan1989 oh ok now we got English teacher Karen here 😩

    • Kiley Latimer says:

      Restaurants are open sooo….

    • Kiley Latimer says:

      And some states are fully reopen one of the Arizona

    • Febriani _009 says:

      Mr Robot they’re open at that time, search up before accusing. Here’s what I think, yes he was crossing the line when he went into the looted mall but Hella sure he wasn’t looting or some shit but this boy got himself and his team fucked up cuz they went into the mall. He was just at the wrong place and at the wrong time smhw and because he was just thinking about documenting everything that’s going on without any bad intentions to loot or some shit, he somehow got himself and his team into that looted mall and got accused for looting. Not a fan of him but that’s what I think.

  9. Anto Amalarajah says:

    But on Jake’s recent tweet, it says that he went there to peacefully protest, but tells Logan that he was going to dinner that so happened to be close to the mall that got looted.Which is the truth?

    • Lalala123 says:

      The Scottsdale thing was never a peaceful protest to begin with. There have been peaceful protests in Phoenix every night this week and while Jake was in AZ, and he did not participate in a single one. Footage was posted on one of his friends ig lives (and later taken down) of Jake throwing a huge party and getting shit faced before they went to the riot/looting at a Scottsdale Fashion Square (the mall in Arizona where this took place). Jake is just gaslighting his young, impressionable fans and it’s sick.

    • Jittery Bun says:

      Sam Is10 not to mention watching kids shooting fireworks in front of a mall and not even trying to stop them. The idea that he was there when all of it was happening is a problem. And when he say he is attending a peaceful protest but be in a place no where near where the protest is held is questionable. His intentions wasn’t for the moment, he went there to chase clout.

    • Aaron Kunje says:

      Anto Amalarajah how would you protest inside a mall that is currently being looted. He probably did it for content based on how this defeats the purpose of protesting

    • Delita Heiral says:

      They are both lying

    • HENDRIX says:

      If he was peacefully protesting, he wouldn’t have been recording, he wouldn’t have been at a place where a looting took place, he wouldn’t have been making jokes, and he wouldn’t have been making excuses. Matter of fact, he wasn’t even protesting at all. He knew when he did this, that it was going to spark controversy. That didn’t matter to him though, because as long as he got views, money, and made some lame excuse, it was going to be “okay”.

  10. Challenge to get 1400 subs with no vids says:

    Good on Logan for calling Jake out.

  11. Flavio Urbina says:

    In all honesty, I never thought for a second that Jake Paul would join the looting, why would he need to? It’s stupid to think that, but I do think that it was stupid of him to go and be there at that moment. Right now there’s a lot tension in the air, and like Mike said, if a white privileged male is seen in the middle of this chaos, it will incite a negative backlash. It’s a ridiculous notion, but sadly it’s just how it is now.

    • Tamara Davis says:

      It’s not a ridiculous notion. Did you see the videos? Don’t be insensitive.

    • Draxx Plays says:

      Mike was right,the excuse was bullshit,why would Jake and his camera crew happen to be going through a mall that got broke into and looted,he wanted content,went into the crowd to vlog all the chaos,and as a fucking YouTube icon who gets watched by loads of kids, nigga shouldn’t of been in there in the first place,the riot isn’t there for Content,it’s to join a movement for justice of someone who got killed but Jake being the typical asshole he is just had to do that shit,Logan grew up past the bullshit,but Jake is still a childish asshole who thinks he’s untouchable

    • 111 111 says:

      I mean Jake Paul was falling out of relevance and this was a very efficient way to generate attention. Look, everyone’s talking about him now.

    • oussama Boumhaout says:

      Wh would a millionaire loot ?? This is just stupid, he wasn’t

    • RagePoker says:

      Dude i was not surprised he went there.

  12. Tony Gunk says:

    This video just shows to me how much Logan has grown up as a man

  13. ReadySaltedPirate says:

    “What I’ll say is this” is Logan and Mike’s “pull that up, Jamie”

  14. Challenge to get 1000 Subscribers OB says:

    Guess Jake needs an old wise Grandpa like Mike. Just saying😄

    • Rashado Arnold says:

      Jake really should not have been their but Logan was right to say those things about jake because he should’ve have been home at the time

  15. Bree White says:

    Jake needs a mike on his team period

  16. tobias Willemsen says:

    I understand that guy is friends with Jake but c’mon he need to be honest

  17. urgstheword says:

    He wasn’t looting however Logan is right, he shouldn’t have been there. Period.

  18. Dawei Feng says:

    Why did Jake accept the bottle of alcohol that was looted from one of the stores? You can clearly see it in the video

    • Dawei Feng says:

      yea everything is alright because now that he’s donating money :/

    • neet person says:

      “You can clearly see it in the video” this is what’s inconvenient about so many people……

      Assuming Jake’s right though, I think a random looter pressumed that Jake and his friends were also looting. Being the generous person he is, he handed a camera guy the bottle. The camera guy didn’t exactly know what to do with the bottle, so he handed it to Jake. That’s when he placed it down off camera after having no immediate reaction to the bottle besides just taking it.

    • Lalala123 says:

      In all the videos I saw (that were later deleted) Jake and his pals were having hell of a fun time “documenting” the looting “for educational purposes”. Smh.

    • #6tracksonSoundcloud says:

      exactly. like im watching this video the whole time thinking, there is video evidence that they are lying.

    • Terrance Bell, Jr. says:

      @ArabsCamel yea and he also couldnt see bc he was tear gassed

  19. caythlin100 says:

    Seeing this
    Still can’t understand why Greg and Pam prefer Jake over Logan

    • Mine Knight10393 says:

      caythlin100 probably cause he just bribes them with money

    • Uncle Dru says:

      The baby boy gets his faults looked over a lot especially in Logan’s case where he was a very smart and unproblematic before youtube success.

  20. StepKickKing says:

    Mike a real one for pointing out how the “dinner” excuse makes no sense. He had a camera crew… for a dinner? Nah, absolute bullshit. Jake went there for vlog content, and to live out his edgy fantasy of rioting. I don’t know the name of the dude on the far left with the beard, but he’s a boot licker. Big up Mike for calling out the bullshit.

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