Logic – Icy ft. Gucci Mane (Official Video)

Logic – Icy ft. Gucci Mane (Official Video)

Stream “Icy” ft. Gucci Mane here: https://Logic.lnk.to/Icy

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Music video by Logic performing Icy. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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64 Responses

  1. zay zay says:

    Producer: how many times you wanna put gucci mane in the title?

    Logic: yes

  2. DJMZ says:

    Logic You a Bad Motherfu**er, I.C.Y. ?lol

  3. Thomas Mike Pedersen says:

    “featuring Gucci Mane and his clone”

  4. Yakin the Noodest says:

    I kinda wish Logic went to buy taco bell in this vid.

  5. Renegade Music says:

    Haha wtf is this? ?
    Love ya logic. This made my day. ?

  6. Owolabby Azeez says:

    Ya whoever is scrolling through the comments I hope you have a phenomenal day. Get ya bread and all the crumbs too lol ????. But this is the internet so lemme stop being positive aha

  7. Lets Slay says:

    Everyone else : Gucci Mane in the title twice yo lmao xddddd

  8. Deo says:

    why was gucci mane on the track if the song was to make fun of rappers and their bling??

  9. 3zus Lyf says:

    Hold up… since when does Logic try to do what Marty Randolph says?????‍♂️ is logic……. CHAAANGING????

  10. killa 123 says:

    how often „feat. Gucci Mane“ in the video title?

    Logic: YES!

  11. Xavier Xerxes says:

    The effect of signing to Sell Out Records

    • fernando tovar says:

      @TheTypicalBeast except no every song he makes now adays are as subpar and lyrically shit as this. they just have surface level lyrics and corny lines

    • Innetric says:

      nik leb Its not like people can download the Young Sinatra mixtapes and listen to them or anything.

    • nik leb says:

      @Innetric you can find them on yt music for free

    • theherbpuffer says:

      @TheTypicalBeast But Guccine Mane is on the song, one of the most overrated rappers of all time

    • Oscar Carias says:

      Innetric Logic put a vid out not to long ago saying the fans can download his old mixtapes from online, so that’s wat I just did… lol

  12. Sreed2014 says:

    This is a less-annoying Thrift Shop ??

  13. Moonlight Sonata says:

    He’s a bad motherfucker omg!!! Thank you for this Logic!!

  14. LPC Angel says:

    I am absolutely lost I have no idea how I feel about this song???

  15. Oday Ahmed says:

    Hahahaha I thought it was an ad first I was looking for the skip button?

  16. LIL_ STORM says:

    Totally nobody:………
    Trashes the mall


  17. Cryptic Wording says:

    So ?Gucci said he’s not playing Em in his car but does a song with Logic..makes sense ??‍♂️

  18. Iris Alcala says:

    I saw the title and immediately thought of Gucci Mane’s “I’m So Icy” from Trap House ?

  19. Mr.J says:

    I love the concept behind the video. Hopefully I can work with Logic one day since he is one of my inspirations. Until then I’ll keep grindin. Stay blessed everyone.

  20. Saltine Cracker says:

    The last time I heard a dudes voice go this high was michel jackson

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